Canada Violates the Charter & Women

I’m in a public washroom stall and I hear a man’s voice in the room. My fight-or-flight response is triggered, which causes a cascade of physiological reactions which, if repeated frequently over time, could seriously damage my health. This reaction is a mammalian instinct that evolved over millions of years. It is not a “social construct.” You cannot train people to *not* have a fight-or-flight response to a potential predator. It is worth noting that the only predator a human female is likely to encounter in the modern world is a human male. Of course not all men are predators, but almost all predators are men. Predators, by definition, have multiple victims, which is why all women know how it feels to be prey. This is why single-sex spaces for females exist.

If I’m undressing in a female locker room and a man walks in and disrobes, he is committing two crimes: voyeurism and indecency. I don’t care if he claims to be trans. I don’t care if he takes hormones. I don’t care if his body has been surgically altered. He is not female and he is therefore not welcome, but he isn’t considered a danger because of his gender identity. He represents a danger to women and girls because he is male. Sometimes women need to partially disrobe in a public washroom due to menstrual accidents. This is humiliating enough without men violating our space. No one observed to be male at birth has ever changed his sex from male to female and that is why no male should ever set foot in a single-sex female space. Nobody can give a male permission to use a communal female space because each woman’s consent is her own. Not one of the eight billion people on this planet can give *my* consent to any man.

I have the right, protected by Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to freedom of thought and belief. I reserve the right to use sex-based pronouns because they are honest and I believe honesty is a virtue. I reject trans activist assertions that their “gender identity” should supersede their biological sex. About 99% of sexual predators are male and there is no evidence males who take cross-sex hormones become less violent than other men. Males are statistically significantly bigger, stronger, faster and more violent than females, with greater lung capacity and bone density. These differences mean that, while men have little to fear from females who pretend to be men, female fear of male violence is perfectly rational.

I have been unable to find any evidence to support the claim that “trans women” risk assault if they use men’s washrooms. On the contrary, it appears that men’s washrooms are safer for all people who identify as trans. I think most people already accept that some men present as very feminine, which may be why we don’t see reports of transitioning males being attacked in men’s washrooms.

In 2016, the trans lobby, having failed twice before, launched another assault on women’s rights in Canada. They had learned from previous failures and shifted their strategy. They had infiltrated the agenda-setting media and it was somehow no longer acceptable to discuss women’s legitimate safety concerns – everything that didn’t serve them was somehow transphobia. Their dogmatic mantra – you know the one, their Big Lie – was chanted ad nauseam, until a sufficient mass of people seemed blind to its absurdity, or so media propaganda told us. “Trans women,” meanwhile, continue to be men.

During the Senate hearings on Bill C-16, it seems nobody heard feminists articulating the threat the bill posed to women and girls, because the media kept the focus on Jordan Peterson‘s opposition to compelled speech. Peterson was right about pronouns, but in hindsight I would also say the trans lobby capitalized on the noisy pronoun battle to distract us from the serious safeguarding issues that should have torpedoed that bill or amended it to confirm the sex-based rights of women. This deliberate, ongoing attack on women’s rights (and children’s bodies) also serves to distract us from the fact that “democracy” is really just an illusion, but that’s a blog post for another day.

Most Canadians don’t even realize that a man who wants his driver’s license and birth certificate falsified to say he’s female is not required to have undergone surgery. These changes have been implemented across Canada, but not always as a result of legislation. In Ontario it was a decision made by the Human Rights Tribunal. Most women don’t even realize how this stripped us of our fundamental rights without public consultation. Most Canadians also don’t realize that violent men with intact male genitals, including sex offenders, have been transferred into women’s prisons by claiming to be trans.

Our federal Department of Justice defines woman as “all people who identify as women, whether they are cisgender or transgender women.” This insult and erasure cannot stand. Sex is encoded in DNA in every cell nucleus in the body, so no amount of hormones or surgery can change it. This is why, in my opinion, nobody should ever be allowed to falsify data on any government document. The once-compelling arguments that supported the abomination known as the “legal fiction” no longer hold water because society has changed dramatically.

Back in 1988, one of the reasons Canada’s abortion law was struck down by the Supreme Court, was that sex discrimination is prohibited by Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Men did not suffer the denial of their bodily integrity, so it was unfair to put that burden only on women. Erasing the boundaries of women as a distinct sex class causes disproportionate harm to women and girls not just by increasing the risk of sexual assault but also by robbing us of opportunities in sports, education, and employment. Men are not similarly affected. Prison authorities who allow males to be placed in women’s prisons, are also violating not just Section 15, but also international law and Section 12 of the Charter which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. It is time for the media to stop obscuring the truth about how gender ideology harms women and girls and violates our rights.

Although the charter rights of Canadian women have been violated, there is a remedy. Section 52 of the Constitution Act, says a law that is inconsistent with the Charter, to the extent of the inconsistency, is of no force or effect. Thus adding “gender identity” to the prohibited grounds in the Human Rights Act does not allow a male to use a female single-sex space, service or accommodation because that would be sex discrimination and would therefore violate the Charter. Canadian women in correctional facilities could commence a class action lawsuit on this basis to remove trans-identifying men from women’s institutions, but they should not have to. Women deserve single-sex spaces where we can be free from harassment and male violence. We will not be bullied into submission. Come hell or high water, we can and will take back our stolen sex-based rights.


That was heavy. Bring on the memes!

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