Supporters of Gender Self-ID are Complicit in Rape

Remember when Jordan Peterson first became famous? There was a huge kerfuffle about whether people should be forced by law to use whatever pronouns a trans person wants. Pronouns were just the thin edge of the wedge, of course, but anyone who pointed out the obvious outcome of removing all gatekeeping from gender transition was called an alarmist transphobe. Obviously, if anyone can call themselves trans, a man with a sexual fetish will claim to be trans so he can enter female spaces seeking sexual gratification. The activists said “that will never happen.” They were lying like rugs.

Anyone with half a brain could see Karen White coming from a mile away. “She” is an intact male convicted pedophile & rapist who sexually assaulted women in a UK women’s prison. Canada has our own “Karen Whites” now. One of them is Madilyn Harks: a pedophile who sexually assaulted two women who were “child-like in appearance” in a women’s prison in Canada. Most people who retweeted #BeKind were unaware that men with male genitals would be allowed to enter any female space if they claim to be trans. Most people who think about this for more than two minutes realize it is a really, really bad idea.

The latest is sex offender to abuse Bill C-16 is Shane Jacob Green, who raped a woman in an Ontario shelter. If he insists he’s trans, he can demand to be sent to a women’s prison. Canada’s women’s prisons are filling up with intact male convicts who claim to be trans so they can do easy time. Most don’t cite safety concerns in their applications. Some admit to their peers they are gaming the system. About half of them are sex offenders. No sane person thinks this is okay, and yet here we are.

This was not hard to predict, but the media didn’t cover this angle during the pronoun row. There was an agenda to satisfy and a narrative to shove down our throats. We should not be surprised when the media pushes narratives that are at odds with the views of the population. Their real job is to shape public opinion, not report on it. It’s called Manufacturing Consent. The “consent” in the title of Chomsky’s book has taken on a new and ominous meaning.

Gender self-identification is now the law in Canada, but most people don’t know how or when this happened. There was no meaningful consultation about it during discussions of Bill C-16. The #NoDebate hashtag was no accident. The activists had tried and failed before. They knew they would not win if people understood what the bill would really do. Bill C-16 was stealth legislation which stripped women of our basic rights without the consent of the governed.

Peterson was right about pronouns, of course. It’s unfortunate that he never used his platform to advocate for women, who no longer have the right to privacy, dignity or physical safety in female spaces. Two of the many possible adverse outcomes of our stealth gender self-id law include: being fired for failing to call someone xir, & a teenage girl being raped by an intact male sex offender while incarcerated in, say, a juvenile detention facility, after being punished for complaining about being forced to share the communal showers with a male. Which of these scenarios is worse? Why are the basic rights women & girls not even an afterthought?

Women have had enough of this nonsense in the UK and politicians have taken notice. The media have a responsibility to report on the sexual harassment and assault that women are now subjected to as a direct result of gender self-id in Canada. Bill C-16 essentially legalized voyeurism and indecent exposure in the very locations where such crimes will do the most harm. Anyone who continues to support gender self-identification after learning about the criminal consequences is complicit in every rape perpetrated by every sex offender who abuses the law to victimize women and little girls. We all need to own our responsibility for allowing this to happen and stand up to protect women and girls today, not least because they’re coming for your children now.

The Case Against Pronouns

Exhibit A: The Truth Matters

My fundamental right to assert the truth is the hill I am willing to die on. Here are some fundamental facts I will continue to assert because words have meanings and meanings matter:

·  A “woman” is an adult human female.

·  “Trans women” are not women. “Trans women” are trans-identifying males.

·  A “man” is an adult human male. “Trans man” is a misleading oxymoron.

·  Refusing to use misleading terminology to refer to trans people is not an expression of “hatred.”

·  “Transphobia” cannot credibly be attributed to women because “phobia” means irrational fear. Female fear of male violence is perfectly rational because males are statistically significantly bigger, stronger and more prone to violence than females, particularly sexual violence.

Exhibit B: The Free Speech Argument.

Jordan Peterson was absolutely right that compelled speech is unacceptable. We have long accepted that threats of harm and hate speech stoking violence are prohibited by law. Forcing people to use particular words, however – literally putting words in their mouths – is an unacceptable level of coercive authoritarianism.

Exhibit C: Pronouns are Rohypnol

First, there is a cognitive cost of using pronouns that contradict what we see.

Forcing our brains to ignore the evidence of our eyes, to ignore a conflict between what we see and know to be true, and what we are expected to say, affects us.

Using preferred pronouns does the same. It alters your attention, your speed of processing, your automaticity. You may find it makes you anxious. You pay less heed to what you want to say, and more to what is expected of you. It slows you down, confuses you, makes you less reactive. That’s not a good thing.

-Barra Kerr

Second, there is a cost of having everyone around you using pronouns that contradict biological reality. Imagine you’re a teenage girl asked by your manager to work the closing shift with one other employee. You express concerns for your safety because you’ll be heading home long after dark. “He can give you a ride home” will create a viscerally different reaction from “She can give you a ride home.” If it doesn’t, you may already have been conditioned, like one of Pavlov’s dogs, not to salivate at a bell, but to let your guard down in a situation where it may be unsafe for you to do so.

Males are statistically significantly bigger, stronger, and more violent than females. In an altercation between a man and a woman, the female is much more likely to be seriously injured or killed. The physiological advantages that result from going through puberty as a male do not disappear if he medically transitions and there is no evidence that trans-identifying males are less violent than other males. Males are a physical threat to females, and our fight-or-flight response, honed over thousands of years of evading predators, is not a social construct that anyone should be attempting to train away.

Training children to let their guard down is grooming. Forcing children to use gender-based pronouns, regardless of sex, will absolutely create a climate that makes it easier for sexual predators to victimize children. Forcing everyone to use female pronouns to describe males is sexual grooming on an industrial scale.

Exhibit D: The Thin Edge of the Wedge

Canadians were told Bill C-16 was intended to merely save trans people from discrimination by including it in human rights protections. It actually destroyed the fundamental human rights of women by bringing gender self-identification to Canada by stealth instead, without public consultation and without the consent of the governed. There was no discussion of the easily foreseeable consequences of allowing gender self-id, just a general assent from the sleepwalking population that “trans rights” was of course just the next step after granting marriage rights to homosexuals. This was a very serious error which has already had catastrophic consequences for the most vulnerable women in Canada.

Male sex offenders began demanding, and receiving, transfers into women’s prisons. Half the convicts claiming to be trans now are sex offenders. Most don’t use hormones and have no intention of ever having surgery. These men sometimes admit to other inmates that they are just gaming the system, and revert to their birth sex on release. This obvious outcome of gender self-id was never addressed by the Canadian media while Bill C-16 was under debate. Anyone who raised it was scoffed at with “that would never happen” but it has happened, over and over, in every place this wrong-headed policy has been implemented.

The Trudeau government is absolutely complicit in the rapes already perpetrated by intact male sex offenders who have cited Bill C-16 to demand access to female prisons and a large pool of helpless victims. Not only is a female prison much easier time, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. These women cannot escape the rapists by “identifying” their way into a safe facility, so this is absolutely vile sex discrimination.

There has been almost no discussion of the sexual assaults that have already taken place in women’s prisons, but there is no reason to assume this won’t also be happening in juvenile correctional facilities. There is nobody more vulnerable than a female juvenile offender who may already be a victim of sexual abuse and yet Canada has thrown them to the wolves. The media cannot be expected to report such incidents for the same reason they don’t report vaccine injuries. “The Greater Good” is a red flag that something evil is afoot.

Of course #NotAllMen are predators, but almost all predators are men. Although few men are predators, they don’t stop at one victim so most women are prey at some point in their lives. Good men stay out of female spaces so bad men stand out. Trans-identifying males who invade female spaces are not good men, and they most certainly are not women because humans cannot change sex. Sex, not gender, is the reason “trans women” are not welcome in female spaces.

Policy Proposals

1. Nobody gets to tell anyone else what pronouns they are required to use. Trans women are not women and there is nothing inappropriate in using sex-based pronouns to describe trans identifying males. It may be “kind” to use gender-based pronouns, but nobody is entitled to demand kindness from others. Pronouns are just the thin edge of the wedge, though.

2. Trans-identifying males cannot be allowed in a female space, because the presence of a male makes it a mixed-sex space. The fundamental sex-based rights of women and girls to privacy, dignity and physical safety are much more important than the feelings of trans-identifying males. Male facilities should be altered to better accommodate the needs of trans-identifying males, or separate facilities created. Allowing trans-identifying females to use male facilities does not present comparable problems though, because the core safety issue is asymmetrical.

3. Nobody should be allowed to falsify their sex on any government document because humans can never change their sex and sexual appropriation is sex discrimination against women and girls. A new field should be added, where needed, so sex and gender can be recorded separately. Crime statistics must be compiled based on sex, even if they track gender as well.


This isn’t just a cultural war. Women and girls have already suffered some significant casualties. It’s time for all Canadians to fight to protect our sisters, mothers and daughters.

95 Theses: Disputation of Gender Ideology

It’s been over 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to a church door. This list of arguments and links is modeled on his objections to the dominant religious ideology of his day. These ideas have come from many brilliant gender critical thinkers and can be used to build arguments against woke nonsense. I would like to give credit to the late Magdalen Berns and thank the following people for informing my views: Maria MacLachlan, Helen Joyce, Abigail Shrier, Dr. Debra Soh, Maya Forstater, Kathleen Stock, Kellie-Jay Keen, Meagan Murphy and James Lindsay. This is a living document that that I may revise, but most changes are just to add links.

Out of love for the truth and the desire to bring it to light, the following propositions will be discussed online.

  1. Tran people exist and are entitled to the same fundamental human rights as all other people no matter how they choose to express their “gender identity.”
  2. No amount of hormones or surgery can change the biological sex of a human being because sex is forever. It is encoded in the DNA in every cell nucleus in the body.
  3. Asserting the scientific fact that sex is immutable is not an expression of hatred .
  4. Sex is binary, no matter what claims are made about gender or gender identity.
  5. Differences or Disorders in Sexual Development don’t make sex a spectrum.
  6. People with DSDs can only reproduce via male or female gametes.
  7. There are no intermediate gametes.
  8. Words have meanings and meanings matter.
  9. A woman is an adult human female.
  10. A “trans woman” is a misleading oxymoron because “trans” & “woman” contradict each other.
  11. Refusing to use misleading terminology to refer to trans people is not an expression of hatred.
  12. “Trans women” are not women. “Trans women” are male.
  13. “Woman” is not an umbrella term that includes trans-identifying males.
  14. A woman is not defined by a feeling of femininity or by regressive stereotypes.
  15. A man is an adult human male. “Trans man” is a misleading oxymoron.
  16. A “trans woman” is more accurately described as a trans-identifying male.
  17. Males cannot be allowed to unilaterally redefine “woman” or “female” to include themselves and thereby erase women or girls as distinct social and/or legal categories. 
  18. Males are, on average, bigger, stronger, and more violent than females.
  19. Female fear of  male violence is justified by crime statistics, so it is a perfectly rational fear.
  20. “Phobia” is defined as a fear that is not rational.
  21. It is therefore impossible for a woman to be credibly accused of transphobia.
  22. Not all men are sexual predators, but almost all sexual predators are male.
  23. Very few men are sexual predators, but most sexual predators have multiple victims.
  24. Not all men are sexual predators but most women are prey at some point in their lives.
  25. When women are confronted by a male in a female space, their fight-or-flight response is not a social construct.
  26. The fight-or-flight response, a mammalian instinct honed by millions of years of evading predators, can damage our health if it is activated frequently.
  27. In the modern world, the predator that a human female is most likely to encounter is a human male.
  28. In an altercation between a man and a woman, the female is much more likely to be seriously injured or killed.
  29. The physiological advantages that result from going through puberty as a male do not disappear if he medically transitions, so males should not compete in female sports. 
  30. Trans-identifying males cannot be allowed in a female space, because the presence of a male makes it a mixed-sex space.
  31. It is worth repeating than humans can never, ever, change their sex.
  32. Trans-identifying males who use female spaces are violating the fundamental human rights of women and girls to privacy, dignity and physical safety.
  33. Trans-identifying males should always use male facilities, even if they “pass.”
  34. Women are often too polite, or too fearful, to tell trans-identifying males that they don’t pass.
  35. If a trans-identifying male is permitted by women to use a female space, that can only ever be a privilege, not a right.
  36. No woman has the right to consent on behalf of any other female for a trans-identifying male to use a female space.
  37. Altering male spaces to better accommodate trans-identifying males is preferable to violating the rights of females to single-sex spaces.
  38. Creating alternate spaces for trans people is preferable to violating the rights of females to single-sex spaces.
  39. Subjecting trans people to “stigma” by creating separate spaces for them does less harm than exposing females to the risk of physical and/or sexual assault.
  40. Trans-identifying males in female spaces represent a risk to the physical safety of women and girls because they are, on average, bigger, stronger and more violent than females.
  41. Trans-identifying females do not represent a comparable risk to the safety of males.
  42. Everyone has the right to safety, privacy and dignity, but these rights come into conflict when sex and gender are conflated.
  43. The sex-based rights of women can never legitimately be claimed by trans-identifying males because sexual appropriation is always inappropriate.
  44. The feelings of trans-identifying males are not more important than the safety of women and girls.
  45. All males, without exception, must be excluded from female spaces for the safety of women and girls. This includes:
    • homeless shelters and hostels
    • change rooms/locker rooms
    • washrooms
    • rape relief and domestic violence shelters
    • prisons
    • sporting divisions
    • shared rooms in hospitals and university/college dorms
    • extracurricular groups (e.g., Girl Guides)
    • academic scholarships and grants
    • positions on women’s committees
    • women’s conferences, seminars and retreats
    • lesbian resources and events
    • women’s housing co-ops
    • women’s music and art festivals
    • university/college women’s centres
  46. There is no evidence that trans-identifying males are less violent than other males.
  47. The hormones used in medical transition do not reduce the disproportionate male propensity for sexual or other violence.
  48. Males are unwelcome in female spaces because of their sex, not their gender or gender identity.
  49. A trans-identifying male excluded from a female space cannot claim to be a victim of discrimination on the basis of gender or gender identity.
  50. If voyeurism and indecent exposure are crimes in public places, they must also be crimes in public spaces reserved for females, such as communal change rooms and locker rooms.
  51. Exposing male genitals in a female space is a crime, even if the perpetrator identifies as trans.
  52. The male gaze has no place in a female space.
  53. Unisex facilities cannot replace female facilities.
  54. Permitting voyeurism and indecent exposure in female spaces is sex discrimination against women and girls.
  55. Gender self-identification violates the sex-based rights of women and girls because it allows sexual predators easy access to victims they are motivated to abuse.
  56. Nobody should be allowed to falsify their sex on any government document, not even in the case of genuine gender dysphoria.
  57. When sex and gender don’t match, both should be recorded in separate fields so that accurate statistics can be compiled for policy-making purposes.
  58. Sexual appropriation and “womanface” are just as offensive as racial appropriation and blackface.
  59. A lesbian who does not date trans-identifying males is not a bigot.
  60. A gay man who does not date trans-identifying females is not a bigot.
  61. A person who has a penis is not a lesbian.
  62. A trans-identifying female attracted to men is not the same as a gay man.
  63. Nobody is obliged to include trans people in their dating pool and sexual rejection is not bigotry.
  64. Excluding people from a dating app for stating that they are not interested in dating trans people is discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.   
  65. Some trans rights activism is just repackaged misogyny and homophobia.
  66. Being gay or lesbian is a sexual orientation, not a “genital preference” or kink.
  67. As with the “n-word,” it is unacceptable to use TERF as a slur, even if some women claim the term for themselves because they are Tired of Explaining Reality to Fvckwits (sic).
  68. There is nothing wrong with using sex-based pronouns and ignoring requests for neo-pronoun use.
  69. Compelled speech is never appropriate in a free society.
  70. Nobody has the right to demand that other people use their preferred or neo-pronouns or validate their gender identity. Such demands may indicate a narcissistic personality.
  71. Misgendering” by referring to someone by their sex rather than their gender identity is not violence.
  72. Allowing children to socially transition is usually not in their best interest.
  73. Allowing minors to medically transition, using drugs, is harmful to their health.
  74. Allowing minors to medically transition, using surgery, is child abuse.
  75. “Transing the gay away” is deeply unethical conversion therapy. Medicalizing children who are gender non-conforming is not just regressive; it is evil.  
  76. Having a parent come out as trans can be harmful to children’s mental health.
  77. Drag is sexual appropriation and wearing “womanface” promotes regressive, sexist stereotypes.
  78. Drag performers in costume should not be allowed to perform for children or interact with them in schools, libraries or the larger community.
  79. Gender ideology should not be part of any school curriculum. It is not in the best interest of children to be taught that they can change their sex because it isn’t true.
  80. Indoctrinating children into queer theory is a form of grooming and it is plausible that some of the people engaging in this practice are sexually attracted to minors.    
  81. Boys should never be allowed into girls’ washrooms, change rooms or locker rooms, even if they claim to be trans girls.
  82. Children should be encouraged to express themselves, in both play and attire, in as masculine or feminine a manner as they choose, without anyone suggesting that they are in the wrong body.
  83. Where trans identifying males are allowed to participate in female sports, female sports no longer exist.
  84. Adults should also be free to be as masculine or feminine as they wish, provided they respect single-sex spaces for women and girls.
  85. A unisex washroom, even with floor-to-ceiling partitions, is a temptation to sexual predators.
  86. Unisex change rooms in stores, even with floor to ceiling partitions and solid doors instead of curtains, are a temptation to sexual predators.
  87. Incarcerated women are entitled to privacy, dignity and physical safety and should never be exposed to the male gaze, in a state of undress, by male guards or male inmates, not even those who claim to be trans. 
  88. No female prisoner should ever be punished for objecting to the presence of trans-identifying males in a female space.
  89. Convicted pedophiles should never be housed in a prison with a mother and baby unit.
  90. Crime statistics should be compiled based on natal sex, even if gender is also tracked.
  91. Some trans-identifying males have a fetish called autogynephilia, or AGP.
  92. Safeguarding children is more important than validating the feelings of trans people.
  93. Targeting women with physical or verbal threats or abuse for criticizing gender ideology is morally reprehensible.
  94. Trying to get people who disagree with you no-platformed or fired from their jobs is morally reprehensible.
  95. Trans people who insist that there be “no debate” on these issues have already lost the debate because they have no cogent arguments.

If there is anything I missed, or you have a link that would be illustrative, please let me know in the comments. If you endorse these ideas, please share them with others. If you dispute them, feel free to present your own rational argument in the comments.

Standing up to the Bullies in Ottawa

Can there be any doubt that we are at a critical tipping point?

Divide and Rule strategies work really well. Canadians have been split along so many different axes that we’ve become not just polarized, but atomized. The obvious purpose of increasing polarization is to ensure people are divided so deeply over issues like abortion or vaccine mandates we can’t join forces to reclaim political power that was stolen from us by corporations decades ago. No matter what the most crucial issue is for you – climate change, abortion rights, workers’ rights – it cannot be solved by voting unless and until voters regain some of the democratic power they have lost, and that will require solidarity on the single issue we have to solve first: representation.

There was a brief, shining moment in the late 60’s when voters, workers and consumers were making progress and the average North American enjoyed the best standard of living in the world, but when restrictions like environmental protections ate into profits the corporations were just not having it. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce developed a very successful plan to take power away from voters, which was described in the infamous Powell memo. This led to the rise of neoliberalism in the U.S., Canada and beyond, accompanied by a massive, ongoing transfer of wealth from the working class to the obscenely rich.

Today’s greedy billionaires meet at Davos and speak quite openly about their global plans for The Great Reset, digital currencies and control of the narrative, because they know there is currently nothing we can do to stop them. We cannot hope to solve this with incremental improvements. If we delay much longer it will be too late to prevent the catastrophic erosion of what rights we have left.

If Canadians want real representation, instead of just the illusion of choice, we need to demand more than just resignations of the worst politicians or we’ll just be playing Whack-a-Mole forever. We need an independent Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform that cannot be manipulated or derailed by any political party. After we finally get rid of first-past-the-post elections, we’ll be able to end other corrupt practices like the “party discipline” that keeps the donor class in control of the agenda.

No peaceful revolution has ever failed if 3.5% of the population participated. The simple math of a few million people standing up for their rights across the nation defeats the state monopoly on violence because there is a limit to how many peaceful protesters Trudeau can unjustly jail. If we want our children and their children to experience real democracy we will have to stand up to the bullies in Ottawa now and demand more than just an end to unethical vaccine mandates.

Happy Canada Day.

No Woman is Transphobic

Words have meanings and meanings matter.

“Phobia” means an irrational fear.

Female fear of male violence is perfectly rational because it is justified both by crime statistics and the lived experience of millions of women the world over since the dawn of humanity.

Males are statistically significantly bigger, stronger and more violent than females.

When a male “transitions” he does NOT become smaller, weaker or less prone to violence.

Women are female, but “trans women” are male.

It is not irrational for women to be fearful when a trans-identifying male invades a female space without consent.

No woman can consent to males entering female single-sex spaces that other women use, for the same reason that nobody can violate another person’s sexual consent. Voyeurism is a crime. The male gaze has no place in a female space.

Males are unwelcome in female single-sex spaces because of their sex, not their gender identity, and humans cannot change their sex. “Sex change” was always a lie.

Woman have every right to ask trans-identifying males to #GetOut and #StayOut of female spaces.

Some trans activists claim “phobia” also refers to an “aversion” but one must consider the source of such “aversion.” As Margaret Attwood astutely observed: Men are afraid women will laugh at them. Women are afraid men will kill them.

Characterizing female instincts for self-preservation as “transphobia” or bigotry is dishonest and despicable.

No Vote for You!

I’ve been indoctrinated since birth to believe I live in a democracy but I no longer believe this big lie. Rich people believe in democracy and this is rational because they generally get what they vote for. For the rest of us, the process of electoral politics looks something like this:

  1. Vote for a candidate who makes promises to rich and poor voters.
  2. Candidate keeps promises made to the rich and breaks promises to the poor.
  3. When the poor are fed up, they kick said politician to the curb in an election, which may be years down the road, and vote for a different candidate who makes promises to rich and poor voters.
  4. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Of course I am generalizing and exaggerating. Sometimes policies are implemented that help the poor, but these can be rolled back too, which means progress is slow and incremental, while corruption gallops merrily along. Not all politicians are corrupt, but those who are do a lot of damage.

When rich people are the only voters who influence public policy the form of government is called plutocracy, not democracy. The ruling class loves high voter turnout because it lends legitimacy to leaders who really only have the illusion of the consent of the governed. It is very important for them to maintain the illusion for two reasons.

  1. Voters won’t demand that democracy be restored or rebuilt if they don’t realize it effectively ended decades ago.
  2. As long as the illusion of democracy is maintained, the ruling class can insist “voters” are responsible for policies that destroy lives and livelihoods. The illusion of “democracy” allows plutocrats to blame their victims.

Every vote cast helps maintain the illusion of democracy. This is why I will not vote for any candidate until we make democracy real again. I’m not suggesting that others should follow my lead if they live in a swing riding and feel they must vote strategically, which should not need to be a thing, but those of us who live in ridings where the outcome is a foregone conclusion should feel confident in declining their ballot if they so choose.

A large number of declined ballots is a signal that the government lacks legitimacy. I don’t recommend just staying home and refusing to participate, however, because silence is consent.

Fun fact: It is illegal to post a photo of a completed ballot in Ontario. This image is not a ballot. It is a parody which does not include any candidate names or riding information. Also, you do not decline a ballot by writing anything on the front of it.

How to decline your ballot according to Elections Ontario:

“Tell the election official that you are declining your right to vote when they hand you a ballot. This is a public process done out loud.

“The election official will mark “declined” on the back of the ballot. Your ballot will not be placed in the ballot box but in an envelope for declined ballots.”

I received these additional instructions from Elections Ontario via email: “To decline your vote by mail ballot with candidate names, write decline on the back of the ballot. Then follow the instructions provided in the voting kit to return the ballot.”

Philosophy Tube’s Worst Video Ever

I admit I haven’t seen every video they’ve produced, but I nominate the recent Vaccines and Freedom take as the worst video Philosophy Tube has ever produced. Despite listening carefully to what Abigail said, I will remain the in the control group of the massive experiment that is covid vaccine research.

The video is based on “research” conducted by the Royal Institution which gives the game away in this section addressing reasons people don’t get vaccinated.

(screen grab from “Covid-19 Vaccine Scepticism_ Ethnography by Telltale Research”)

The researchers go out of their way to focus attention on unknown long term side effects while completely ignoring the well-known adverse events that have been maiming and killing people since the vaccine rollout began.

You cannot claim to be addressing the philosophy around vaccines vs freedom without even mentioning the Trolley Problem, or its variant, the Fat Man pushed off a bridge. We are being encouraged to push healthy children onto the tracks, allegedly to “save granny,” without regard for the huge variation in risk/benefit ratios for the young vs the old.

We can play thought experiments on the issue of forced or coerced vaccination all the day long, but where the rubber meets the road is in the courtroom. A judge in Ontario recently delivered a very thoughtful decision in which he stopped a father from vaccinating his children against their will. The documents which approved the vaccine for the 5-11 cohort in Canada stopped short of recommending the vaccine for healthy children. They have since modified that, but at least one vaccine death of a minor was covered up in a clear attempt to avoid contributing to vaccine “hesitancy.”

Another failure in this video was the failure to discuss the issue of informed consent for medical procedures. The right to bodily integrity is absolute. Nobody should be allowed to inject anything into your body without your permission. The thing about informed consent that the mainstream propagandists don’t want us to talk about is that it MUST be voluntary. If any form of coercion is used, including any threat of harm like job loss, informed consent has not been obtained, and this renders any medical procedure thus performed to be highly unethical.

Some of the people who were forced to get the vaccine to keep their jobs suffered serious harm as a result of that vaccine. Who should be held liable for that harm? Many of these workers cannot afford to sue employers or medical practitioners for the damage done. They have been pushed under the trolley and will never be made whole again. Mandates for covid vaccines in particular are highly unethical because these vaccines can kill.

The very real, if minuscule, risk of death by vaccine cannot be ignored. Is it “safe” to play Russian Roulette? No, it is not, and it does not matter on a philosophical level whether the magazine holds six rounds or six million. You can choose to gamble with your own life, but NOBODY can force you to play that game without your voluntary informed consent. Let’s not even get into whether those who have already been vaccinated were properly informed of the potential risks.

For many people the risk of serious harm or death from Covid justifies the decision to be vaccinated, but the risk/benefit ratio for each individual depends on multiple intersecting factors including age, co-morbidities and level of exposure to the virus. Apart from the balancing of individual freedom with “the greater good” (which is always a huge red flag covering all manner of evils) a blanket policy to vaccinate everyone will not provide the benefits claimed. Whether a particular unvaccinated person can articulate a “good” reason to decline the vaccine is irrelevant because very good reasons do exist, even though the media refuses to discuss them. It was no accident that the most compelling reasons for vaccine hesitancy were ignored by Philosophy Tube in their ridiculous video & the “research” commissioned by the Royal Institution was nothing but a blatant straw-man logical fallacy.

An open letter to my elected representatives

Canadian truckers are right. It is long past time to end vaccine mandates because they violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, specifically section seven which guarantees “security of the person.” Using the threat of job loss to coerce a person to get a medical procedure they do not want is illegal and deeply unethical. This is why vaccine mandates must be abandoned immediately as a public health strategy. If you are unwilling to recognize and support the Charter rights of Canadians, you should resign immediately.

Understanding The Matrix

What I find most compelling in the Matrix films is the deep connection between the fiction and the world we inhabit. Filmmaker Lana Wachowski has indicated the red pill represented the medication used in the process of gender transition, which is a beautiful interpretation. Great art often contains several layers of meaning, but alternative perspectives are not all created equal. Trying to hijack these films to use as right-wing propaganda is abhorrent, but let’s not feed oxygen to that dumpster fire. The Matrix could also be identified with the forces of capitalism but people are oppressed in other economic systems too.

When I began, many years ago, to try to dig to the foundations of what is wrong with the world, I learned about things like corruption, regulatory capture and Manufacturing Consent. Then I read a mind-blowing 2014 study by Gilens & Page which demonstrated that the only demographic group in the U.S. who get the policies they vote for are the wealthy. The U.S. is not a republic – not a “representative democracy” – in anything but name. The U.S. is an oligarchy. The few who rule are very rich, but if a majority of rich people tried to steer the country to the left to avoid impending pitchforks, they would likely fail.

The Matrix is real and it is constructed of lies. 

The lies begin in early childhood. The tooth fairy myth conditions children to go along with a false narrative, if they know what’s good for them, or the money won’t appear under the pillow. Many adult Christians still pray to God like he’s Santa Claus on steroids.   

The really Big Lie foundational to so many others is that average people have the collective power to change the world. There was a brief shining moment between the Summer of Love and the infamous Powell Memo when it seemed possible, and millions clung to that shimmering narrative because it felt good, but it was just a mirage in the desert, an illusion forever beyond our reach. Those who are well off find it easy to believe that “representative democracy” is real because they generally get what they vote for, but they are blind to the hard fact that 90% of us do not.

For some of us “you are a boy/girl” turns out to be a lie they can squash, creating a new truth, but there are many other binary categories used to divide and rule us. Increasing polarization only serves the machines and should be guarded against. There are many Big Lies that need to be recognized as such and transformed into new truths:



“The American Dream”

“Work hard and you’ll get ahead”

“If you don’t vote, you can’t complain”

In our world, every vote you cast supports the illusion. Every vote supports The Matrix of Lies. Every vote represents more power and wealth extracted by a handful of greedy multi-billionaires to be used against everyone outside their circle. If you find this statement very uncomfortable, you know what cognitive dissonance feels like. We desperately want this to not be true. I now recognize this discomfort as a weapon wielded against us. Our cognitive dissonance keeps us stuck in The Matrix. Fear of pain keeps us stuck; and fear of the chaos we’ve been told will certainly emerge if we fail to comply.

Many of us would like to nuke the entire political & socioeconomic system and some even think it necessary, but we could rise above The Matrix instead. If you wait until the corporate media gives you permission to do so, you will be forever at the mercy of sentient beings who really don’t care if their insatiable greed and lust for power hurts or kills you and the people you love. Many of us, faced with the dawning of this painful truth, just take the blue pill and I cannot fault them for it. None of us want to acknowledge that we are all unwitting agents of The Matrix or that our compliance supports it and empowers it.

I don’t know how all this will end. I’m not going to fly off and save the world, but I can take one step at a time and try to move in the direction of truth. All I can offer is my honest attempts to build islands of truth in the ocean of lies that is our world. Perhaps we can build sturdy bridges of human connection. Perhaps love can flourish. I like to think this is what happens after the movie ends.

Edit: I wrote this before I learned about #MassFormation, which is perhaps a more accurate description for what is happening than #CognitiveDissonance.

The Big Lie Part 4: Cancel Plutocracy

One of the malevolent subsidiaries of the Big Lie is that “there’s nothing we can do about it anyway.” It is true that you can’t just ‘vote’ your way out of an oligarchy, but a variety of alternative tactics will be required to rebuild democracy. Some may march in the street with symbolic pitchforks and be mauled by militarized police, but that spectacle may not be necessary just yet. There are still ways to get the job done without risking tear gas & rubber bullets. Hope is not dead, but this window of opportunity is shrinking fast.

There are several grassroots initiatives undermining the oligarchy/plutocracy and the smartest ones frame our common enemy as “corruption” instead of “capitalism” or “billionaires” because neither the liberals nor conservatives can win this battle without help and trying to restore democratic power only for “my side” is obviously a non-starter. The only way to restore power to all the people from whom it was stolen is to strive for unity in a non-partisan anti-corruption movement.

Expect the plutocrats to fight this every step of the way. Edward Snowden and the subsequent Cambridge Analytica scandal revealed the underhanded information warfare tactics  already used successfully to divide & rule us. The billionaires’ lackeys will drive wedges into any  anti-corruption movement along as many fault lines as possible. Divide & rule has always been the plutocracy’s strongest defence and it is clear how they have weaponized identity politics to this end.

Those of us who have the patience and tact to use “mental ju-jitsu” skills to de-escalate polarized conversations might train others how to do it. We need to get in touch with the fundamental humanity of people who are literally being framed as our enemies. Setting up our fellow citizens to be attacked by others is criminal and the deep state and/or private contractors engaged in psychological and information warfare ought to be held accountable.

Although corruption is often framed as a monster, huge beyond our reach, there are many ways to hack tentacles off this beast. Some suggest overturning Citizens United would require a constitutional convention, but the Koch network have clear intentions to hijack such an event for their own benefit. Grassroots groups all over the country have already used initiatives in state & local races to enact anti-corruption laws. When enough states clean up their own backyards, we’ll hit a tipping point and the American Anti-Corruption Act can be implemented at the federal level.

Once that happens, parties and candidates not beholden to the wealthy will be easier to elect and it when they reach a critical mass in both houses, it will be possible to mend shredded infrastructure and the social safety net. Eventually, deeper forms of corruption can be addressed, like regulatory capture. It’s time for the trust-busting that finally cut the  robber barons down to size to make a comeback. Perhaps one day robust independent oversight of the alphabet agencies can be developed to protect civil and privacy rights and bring the military-industrial-complex to heel.

Opinions differ on which of the many crises we face is the worst one but logic keeps leading back to a singular, fundamental truth. Undermining the plutocracy must come first – chronologically – because voters can’t solve any other problems until they have the power to do so. The Big Lie of “democracy” deliberately blinds voters to the fundamental problem that needs to be solved before all others, so let’s hold the corporate media accountable for malpractice and get to work on solving the core problem.

This post is part of a 4-part series.

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