Debunking Owen Jones

… is too easy.

We don’t often see such a bracing display of blatant misogyny as in Owen Jones’ recent video. For convenience, I’ve organized my slap-downs by timestamp. This is just a quick reaction, so if I’ve missed anything, feel free to let me know in the comments.

1:50 “Start from a place of humanity” Women and girls are human too, and we have unique sex-based rights because of our biology. Men – as a category – represent a threat to our physical safety. #BeKindToFemales

7:30 Parents who don’t accept their child’s homosexuality today are putting them on the trans train so they can have a “straight” child. This is medical conversion therapy. How can you not see this as child abuse?

9:15 “Bad faith” Sorry, no. Apples and oranges. Expanding rights for gay, lesbian and bisexual people did NOT VIOLATE anybody else’s rights.) How tf can you not see that letting men into female spaces violates women’s rights? Not only can males IMPREGNATE females, they are statistically significantly bigger, stronger, faster, and more violent. Males are a threat to female safety! “Trans women” must be excluded from female spaces, not because they’re trans, but because they are male.

12:08 Adoption. Some people believe every child deserves a mother who is female. I’m one of them, because my gut says this is the same safeguarding issue for which males are excluded from female spaces.

13:50 Not all men are predators, but almost all predators are men who, by definition, have multiple victims, which is why all women know how it feels to be prey. This is why single-sex spaces exist. Allowing the sex class that contains almost all the sexual predators to invade the intimate spaces of the sex class that contains almost none, is going to enable and facilitate crimes against women and girls.

14:58 If “It is not a psychiatric disorder” why is gender dysphoria listed in the DSM-V? If gender dysphoria is not a mental disorder, why are taxpayers expected to pay for their hormone treatments and cosmetic surgery? You can’t have it both ways.

16:12 “Trans women already use women’s toilets” but they should not be doing so. When men pretending to be women were few and far between some were granted the privilege, by an abomination known as a “legal fiction,” to use women’s facilities. The privilege has been abused and should therefore be revoked.

17:45 He says there’s “not even one example based on people having a gender recognition certificate” My argument is that the GRC should not exist and nobody should be allowed to falsify their sex on a driver’s license or passport either. No person born male should ever be allowed into female spaces because a significant number of men who claim to be trans are sexual predators. The census proves they are more likely to be jailed for sex offences than other men. There was an argument to be made in favour of the abomination that is “legal fiction” but the world has changed a great deal since then, and lying on documents now causes more harm than good. We could add a field instead. Record natal sex accurately alongside whatever gender you please. You can get married as a “woman” if you like, but stay out of girls’ locker rooms.

18:20 OK now you’re either stupid or lying. There is evidence there are many more crimes against women in unisex change rooms. The woke media chooses to NOT report attacks that show trans people in a bad light no matter what those people have done unless its truly exceptional, but peaktrans has plenty of examples on their website.

18:49 “Democratic will” my arse. Polls showed most Scottish voters OPPOSED the bill. Scotland, like many other nations, is a fake “democracy.” His rant digresses at this point, but “Tories bad” is irrelevant in this discussion.

20:22 Trans people define “hate crime” as anything people do that fails to validate their delusion. Humans cannot change sex. Men can never be women. Words have meanings and meanings matter. “Misgendering” means “correctly sexing” and it is not “violence.” We have the right to freedom of thought and opinion. We have no obligation to lie for others’ benefit.

20:36 I searched for evidence that men who pretend to be women are assaulted in the men’s toilets where they belong. I could not find any. “Trans women” must be excluded from female spaces, because they’re male, not because they’re trans. The bathroom assaults I found all happened in the women’s facilities and the victims were perceived to be trespassing males, or were women attacked by male sex offenders. It turns out, “trans women” are #SaferInTheGents.

20:47 He compares detransition to abortion. No. Abortion does not maim women for life and make them infertile. Abortion is only needed by women who have reached sexual maturity. The trans community is trying to transition young children who cannot possibly give informed consent.

21:30 “Trans women” are clearly not women. Women are exclusively female and no human has ever changed their sex. We are seeing a modern, society-wide example of the conformity experiments that were conducted by Solomon Asch.

21:50 Comparing privileged female leaders who virtue signal as trans allies to Handmaids is indeed unfair. The women you describe are much more analogous to Aunt Lydia.  

22:45Anti trans activists” are not the people you are speaking to. You attack women’s rights campaigners, and your blatant misogyny has been noticed. We know you’ve got your knickers in a twist because of the rising wave of support for Kellie-Jay Keen. There’s a reason this gets under your skin. Deep down, you know we’re right.

23:40 Nobody is trying to “wish trans people away” Owen. We just want men to stay out of female spaces regardless of gender identity. It that really so hard to understand?

24:00 Hyperbolic rant anticipating that women who campaign for human rights will suffer a “final humiliation” and we will “suffer” to see trans people thrive. He’s clearly salivating at the prospect of his fantasy of our “humiliating” defeat coming true. He has a lot in common with the incel community. He doesn’t understand that we want men who are trans to thrive, just not inside our spaces.

24:27 He claims “all you achieved was to make the lives of a minority who already suffer so much pain and hurt and anguish and fear that little bit harder that’s your only contribution on this planet.”  Defending young girls who don’t want to be forced to strip naked in the presence of men is unworthy of anyone’s time, in Owen’s view. Defending women inmates from merciless sexual harassment and assault is not nothing, even if the trans lobby pretends they don’t exist.

25:10 He says the fear-mongering about the consequences of those anti-women laws “will be will be disproven” No, mate. The consequences of the laws are already apparent. You cannot deny that women have been sexually assaulted in prison by male sex offenders who have intact genitals, in violation of international laws that prohibit housing men and women prisoners together.

Some men objectify women and reduce us to our body parts. Some hate us because they want to fuck us and we don’t let them. Some gay men find the very thought of vagina disgusting, but they don’t treat the women in their lives like dirt. What is your excuse for your palpable hatred for women who defend women’s rights, Owen?

Your arguments are seriously flawed. Your manipulative hyperbole is unpersuasive. You’ve got nothing because the facts are not on your side, Owen. Women will not submit to your petulant bullying.

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