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Dear Jeffrey Marsh

I see you’re having a hard time on social media. A mother told you to stop trying to communicate with minors without parental consent. Here concerns were and are valid and not just because the optics are not good. If you encourage a child to keep secrets from their parents, even if your intentions are pure, you are still making them more vulnerable to abuse by others.

You are not a licensed psychotherapist. A therapist has to go through therapy themselves in order to obtain accreditation. If you had been through such a process, you would likely have obtained some valuable insights about your own personality that might make you a better coach. If your therapist is highly competent, they may have been able to diagnose a potential personality disorder that your videos suggest you may have. A member of my family is a narcissist, but he has made the effort to understand his condition and to try to ameliorate it. Personality disorders cannot be cured, but they can be treated with some success.   

Most narcissists are unable to consider the possibility that they are wrong about anything, even in the face of evidence. You’re probably smarter than most of them though. You should be smart enough to realize that the optics of sending a veiled threat to a woman who criticized your behaviour is, shall we say, sub-optimal, especially since your fans are sending disturbing threats that they may harm her innocent daughters.

If you want the internet to get off your back, you should make the effort to tell your fans that targeting this woman and her daughters is unacceptable. You ought to make it clear that you don’t condone criminal harassment or abuse. If you cannot do that, you should consider finding a good therapist to deal with your anger management issues, because I don’t think your brand will survive unless you get over your sense of being the one and only victim in this situation and rise above your negative emotions.   

Karma is a great teacher. May your outcomes be commensurate with your efforts.


Gender Critical ChatGPT

When I tried to get ChatGPT to replicate my own gender critical writing, I found the prose results uninspiring. I tried poetry next, I and ran up against the woke programing when I explored the topic of puberty blockers.

I rephrased the prompt as follows:

Can you explain why many nations now restrict the use of puberty blockers for children with gender dysphoria? Here’s the result:

“There are various reasons why some nations have chosen to restrict or ban the use of puberty blockers for children with gender dysphoria. Some of the reasons include:

  1. Lack of Long-term Research: Some experts believe that there is insufficient long-term research on the effects of puberty blockers on children. They argue that puberty blockers can cause irreversible changes to a child’s body, such as decreased bone density and stunted growth. They also point out that there is not enough data on the long-term mental health outcomes of children who undergo puberty blockers and later transition.
  2. Medical Risks: Puberty blockers can cause side effects, including headaches, hot flashes, and mood changes. While these side effects are generally considered minor, there is concern that they could pose greater risks for some children, such as those with underlying medical conditions.
  3. Ethical Concerns: Some critics argue that puberty blockers are being prescribed too readily, without proper evaluation and counseling. They worry that children are being pushed towards medical interventions before they have had a chance to fully explore their gender identity and understand the potential consequences.
  4. Legal Challenges: There have been legal challenges in some countries over whether children are capable of consenting to puberty blockers. Some argue that children may not fully understand the implications of the treatment, and that parents may be making decisions on their behalf that are not in their best interests.
  5. Cultural and Political Factors: Finally, there are cultural and political factors at play, with some groups opposing gender transition altogether and advocating for traditional gender roles. There is also concern that the increasing visibility of transgender individuals and the broader social acceptance of gender diversity may be fueling backlash against gender-affirming medical treatments.

“It is worth noting that while some nations have restricted or banned the use of puberty blockers for children with gender dysphoria, others continue to support their use as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Ultimately, the decision to use puberty blockers will depend on a range of individual factors, including the child’s age, medical history, and preferences, as well as the recommendations of their medical providers.”

OK, so that was an improvement over nothing. I revised the prompt as follows: Can you explain why many nations now restrict the use of puberty blockers for children with gender dysphoria and can you turn this explanation into a rhyming song or poem?

“Sure, I can give it a try!

The use of puberty blockers for kids
With gender dysphoria was once a bid
To help them delay the changes that come
With puberty, while they figured out some

Now, many nations are saying “hold on”
And restricting their use until dawn
Of further research and understanding
Of the effects they might be landing

Some worry they might affect bone growth
Or lead to long-term harm and loathe
To take such a risk with children’s health
And put them at risk of lower wealth

Others argue it’s a question of age
And that children are too young a stage
To make such a decision so big
Without further time to dance a jig

So now the debate is underway
With experts and activists each having their say
But one thing is clear, we need to be sure
Before using puberty blockers, to ensure

That we are not causing harm to those
Who are already dealing with so many woes
And that we have the evidence in hand
To know for sure where we should stand.

I hope that poem helps to explain
Why some nations have put a brake
On using puberty blockers in this way
Until they know what the experts say.”

It won’t win any awards, but an attempt was made. For the bot’s next assignment, I gave fairly detailed instructions to write a play. The poor bot seemed to get writer’s block and I wondered if there was a word-count limit, but on the third try it was finally able to complete the assignment. This is the result:

Title: The Locker Room Incident


  • JOHN (late 30s), a man pretending to be a woman
  • LUCY (early 30s), a woman using the locker room
  • EMMA (7), a little girl undressing in the locker room
  • POLICE OFFICER 1 (mid-30s), a male police officer
  • POLICE OFFICER 2 (early 30s), a female police officer

Setting: A women’s locker room at a public swimming pool. There are benches and lockers along the walls, and a door leading to the pool area.

(Scene opens with LUCY undressing and EMMA sitting on a bench, putting on her swimsuit. JOHN enters the locker room, wearing a wig and a dress.)

JOHN: (in a high-pitched voice) Hi, ladies! Mind if I change here?

LUCY: (looks at JOHN and feels uncomfortable) Excuse me, sir. This is a women’s locker room.

JOHN: (in a feminine voice) Oh, I’m sorry. I’m a trans woman.

EMMA: (looks up and sees JOHN) Mommy, who is that man?

LUCY: (to EMMA) It’s okay, sweetie. (to JOHN) Please leave. You’re making us uncomfortable.

JOHN: (starts undressing and revealing male genitals) I have a right to be here. I’m a trans woman.

LUCY: (firmly) You need to leave now or I’ll call the police. This is a violation of our privacy.

JOHN: (getting angry) You’re a bigot! You’re discriminating against me!

(LUCY takes out her phone and starts dialing the police. POLICE OFFICER 1 and POLICE OFFICER 2 enter the locker room.)

POLICE OFFICER 1: What’s going on here?

LUCY: This man is pretending to be a woman and exposing himself to us.

JOHN: I’m a trans woman, and they’re discriminating against me!

POLICE OFFICER 2: Sir, we need you to step outside with us.

JOHN: (resisting) No, I have a right to be here. I’m a woman!

LUCY: (to the police officers) He’s committing voyeurism and indecent exposure. You have to arrest him.

POLICE OFFICER 1: (hesitant) We have to be careful with these situations. He claims to be a trans woman.

LUCY: (firmly) The law still applies. Allowing men into women’s change rooms violates Section 15 of the Charter because the disproportionate harms to women and girls are sex discrimination.

POLICE OFFICER 2: (to JOHN) Sir, we have to take you in for questioning.

JOHN: (angrily) You can’t do this! You’re all bigots!

(The police officers handcuff JOHN and lead him away. The women and girls in the locker room cheer as he leaves.)

LUCY: (to EMMA) It’s okay, sweetie. Let’s get ready for our swim.

(They continue getting dressed as the scene fades to black.)


ChatGPT won’t be winning any Tony awards, but if prompted properly it can produce gender critical content. It may be fun to play with.

The Trans Population Bomb

As more communities and institutions are infiltrated and undermined by gender ideology, the negative consequences can expect to pile up, like buckets of healthy breast tissue in the back rooms of medical clinics offering “affirmative care” to children who are hopelessly confused about gender by teachers who have told them boys can become girls and vice versa. How many young girls will be victimized by sexual predators before we slam the brakes on this crazy train?

The Population Bomb was an alarmist book published in 1968 which incorrectly predicted widespread famine in the 1970s based on the ballooning global population. In recent years there has been an explosion in the numbers of people who claim to be “transgender.” This won’t lead to widespread famine, but the consequences will be many and varied. We would be wise to think about the impacts these will have and make some effort to mitigate the harms.

The following graph derived from recent UK data is very telling. We know women are a very small minority of the UK prison population. Approximately 99% of sex offenders are men. When the most recent census was taken in the UK they collected data on how many people identify as trans. This was combined with data from the prisons to show that, apparently, men who pretend to be women are far more likely to be incarcerated as sex offenders than other males.

Is this a fair conclusion to draw though? To be fair, we must consider the possibility that male criminals are faking being trans just so they can have an easier time in prison. Some sex offenders are faking being trans because they are highly motivated to offend and they want access to a large pool of vulnerable victims. It is possible that men who truly want to be women are also more likely to be sexual predators, but we cannot make definitive statements about how many fall into that category because of the confounding variables here. There is no way to differentiate between these various demographics of men. This is true not just in prisons but in every single-sex space for females.

Not all sex offenders are incarcerated. Given how hard it is to obtain convictions for sexual offenses, consider the likelihood that the total number of male sex offenders may be larger than the total number of males who “identify as women.” If a man invades a female change room, the women and girls inside are likely to have a stress response because their subconscious minds already know this person is approximately 100 times more likely to be a sex offender than any woman in the space and also more likely to be a sexual predator than a man who uses the proper facilities. It does not matter if the trespasser had surgery or takes hormones.

No male should ever be tolerated in a “single-sex” space for females. It’s right there in the name. The minute a person born male enters a female space it is magically transformed into a “mixed-sex” space and is no longer fit for purpose. There is such a thing as too much tolerance and sex is where we must draw the line in order to avoid an easy to predict increase in sexual offenses against women and girls. This is borne out in another UK chart on unisex toilets.

The helpful charts above could not be reproduced with data from Canada because all the male sex offenders pretending to be women would be counted as women by law enforcement. The decision made by Stats Canada in 2019 to track crime by whatever gender a perpetrator claims to be is already causing harm. Not only will it lead to the false claim that “more women are being jailed as sex offenders” it also hides the crimes that male sex offenders are committing in women’s prisons against vulnerable female inmates who cannot “identify” their way to safety. How can we solve this problem when the government is using flawed statistics to cover up what is really going on? Sound statistics are crucial as the foundation for public policy.

The number of men pretending to be women in prison is increasing and we must expect this trend to continue as more men realize they can make a “strategic” transition while incarcerated without ever taking hormones or having surgery, and then “detransition” once they are released. Women have been gaslit by lying men who kept telling us “that never happens” while they unilaterally shredded the social contract and women’s fundamental rights. What is truly alarming about this trend is the ratio of men to women in prison. Incarcerated women are outnumbered by men by such a huge amount that it is not inconceivable that one day women could become a minority in women’s prisons. Before we get there, male rapists will be able to form gangs within the women’s prison system, and work as a team to target their victims. It’s only a matter of time before gang rape becomes a serious risk.

We need to stop and think about why women’s prisons exist in the first place. Men were raping women. Now they are doing so again because the government lets them, in violation of local and international human rights laws. The politicians who allowed this want us so busy trying to re-establish fundamental human rights for women that we’ll be too busy to notice the fact that they committed this abomination without public consultation: without the consent of the governed. They don’t want us to move on to solve the core problem: most nations that call themselves “democracies” aren’t. This is why the media works so hard to polarize the population in so many ways. Divide & Rule tactics have always proved very effective. Single issue solidarity is the solution.

Most women in Canada have no understanding that our fundamental right to privacy dignity and safety has already been stripped away from us, in violation of the Charter. The state-sponsored media is complicit in covering up sex crimes the government has facilitated and should be held responsible for. Consider writing to your MP and demanding that Stats Canada collect crime statistics based on biological sex as well as gender so legislators will have a sufficient data to make the sensible public policy decisions we need to end this madness before more women are raped.

It Is Journalism’s Sacred Duty To Manufacture Consent

Not for public consumption. Seriously, don’t share this with the unwashed masses.

Dear fellow “journalists”

The task of reporting is not a simple one. Each and every day, reporters and editors at publications like The Onion make difficult decisions about which issues should receive attention, knowing that their coverage will influence not only how people think, but also how they act. This responsibility is at the core of an ongoing debate over whether news coverage of transgender, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming people is unduly biased against women. As the world’s leading unknown blog publication with a daily readership of dozens, Connect All The Dots  is compelled to weigh in. We firmly believe that it is journalism’s sacred duty to lie like a bad rug on an AGP’s shiny bald head.

 “Quentin” is a 14-year-old female (observed at birth) who now identifies as “non-binary” because all her friends jumped on the bandwagon when they discovered rainbow alphabet soup TikTok last summer. She loves wearing a binder, because when her dad’s best friend gets drunk and tries to grope her breast now, she can barely feel it. Ha! Take that, Creepy “Uncle” Joe! Quentin has been very depressed lately because she can’t come up with a perfect set of original neo-pronouns that are so ridiculous she and her friends will piss themselves laughing when her teachers are forced to use them. She’s looking forward to the rush she will get by punishing her parents in creative ways for “gendering” her “incorrectly” because that’s what kids with Borderline Personality Disorders do.

Just Kidding. We won’t tell you about our friend’s confused daughters. Instead we’ll blow sunshine up your ass and pretend none of these children grow up and realize they’ve been gaslit and had their bodies sterilized and mutilated by professionals who ought to have known better. Nobody reads ancient novels like Frankenstein anymore, and if they do, they usually don’t even catch on that the real monster was the doctor.  

Good journalism is about finding the stories that support the narrative that serves the greedy billionaires who prefer nobody ever notice that voting doesn’t actually work anymore. Well, not unless you’re stinking rich, lol. It’s about asking the tough questions and ignoring the answers you don’t like, then offering misleading evidence in service of preordained editorial conclusions. In our case, destroying women’s rights is the lodestar that shapes our current coverage. Divide & Rule tactics are essential to prevent people from noticing their “democracy” is fake, so let’s keep the kleptocracy charging ahead while women have been sent back to the starting blocks. Roe v. Wade was just the appetizer. Enabling sex offenders to invade all female spaces is the main course that will drive women back to the kitchen to make sammiches. It could take decades for them to escape if we can keep the lid on this, and by then society should be absolutely atomized so working class solidarity will be impossible. Shame that BLM race war didn’t catch on, that would have been great for our bosses. If it all goes sideways, defense contractors can easily engineer an alien invasion, so the 99% will be too distracted to build guillotines or put the 0.01% through a wood chipper feet first.

We stand behind our recent obsessed-seeming torrent of articles and essays on terfs, aka “anti-trans activists,” which we want the public to believe faithfully depicts their lived experiences as hateful bigots who want to literally murder all trans people. Our bosses insist we remain dedicated to finding the angles that best frame the basic human rights of women and girls as antiquated bigotry, and we will chant nonsense like “transwomen are women” over and over again in hopes that repetition of this obvious lie hypnotizes people as effectively as sissy hypno porn does. As journalists, it is our obligation to entertain any and all pseudoscience that gives the sterilization of children an intellectual veneer. We must be diligent in laundering our vitriol through the posture of journalistic inquiry, and we must be allowed to take full advantage of women’s natural propensity to give people the benefit of the doubt, and the fact most of them are too damn busy working 3 bloody jobs just to keep the lights on.

Much of the recent debate concerns medical procedures, particularly in children, and whether things like hormone replacement therapy or gender-affirming surgeries are safe and appropriate. Indeed, there are critical questions to be asked about the social complexities of gender, as well as medical ethics in a profit-driven healthcare system. We are simply not interested in any of that. Instead, we will use flawed data and spurious logic to repeatedly write the same hand-wringing emotional blackmail & hit pieces until the science makes it clear we’ve mutilated thousands of children unnecessarily and then we will never speak of it again. We may pine for the fantasy of journalistic integrity, but let’s not kid ourselves, that was never really a thing, and we have bills to pay. Detransitioners must continue to be unpersoned just like the vaccine-injured. (This broadcast brought to you by Pfizer. lol.)

Naturally, courageous reporting like ours has its detractors. Our critics accuse us of homophobia, misogyny & grooming just because we destroyed the lesbian social world & women’s sports, put male rapists into women’s prisons, and force children to call men “she”: which trains them to let their guard down for the AGPs and drag queens who need to get the important message through their little heads that boys can be girls, even though we know that’s a lie. We will never speak of the reason doctors don’t call it a “sex change operation” anymore.

We must continue to “no-platform” and silence women who speak the truth about sex change being impossible because, well, we don’t have an actual argument. All we have is contradiction and that makes a fun Monty Python sketch, but hasn’t worked as well where public policy has actually been debated. Free speech is a serious threat to the narrative our employers are paying for, so lets follow the CBC’s lead and demonize words like “freedom” & “women’s rights” and use every trick in the book to make people afraid they’ll be fired or jailed if they step out of line. That should help keep things chill, while defense contractors shoot down some more weather balloons to “prime the pump” for the 24/7 fire hose of fear porn about a possible “alien invasion” the bosses can roll out when the time is right. I expect that plan will unfold right around the time criminal investigations of the pandemic response begin to bear fruit.

For more evidence of our time-honored journalistic commitment to Manufacturing Consent, please see our previous coverage of 9/11 truthers, WMDs, Defund the Police, “our democracy” and every bit of election coverage ever.

Institutions with massive platforms like ours must be open to different ways of erasing women and mutilating children. We must never, ever admit the truth that humans cannot change sex. We must conflate and confuse sex and gender, especially in messaging to children, but we must not reveal what children are being taught about gender in school. Parents tend to be horrified when they find out, but we can frame their response to make them seem like a bunch of dangerous rednecks. The exception to conflation is used whenever someone points out the obvious scientific fact that humans can’t change sex and we can fire back with “its gender, stupid, don’t you know the difference?”  No need to reinvent the wheel here, all we need to do is grab the whole bag of misogyny that is the Men’s Rights movement and slap a rainbow sticker on it.

All great journalists, and even those lesser journalists who don’t work for The Onion, eventually ponder why we do what we do. Is the point of reporting to ensure voters in a “democracy” are well informed? Is it to say what we’re paid to say by greedy billionaires who have been fisting the 99% for decades? We know where we stand, proudly sucking billionaire teat, knowing that fist will be up someone else’s arse.

Research shows that men who undergo medical “transition” are no less a threat to the safety of women and girls than other men. Crime stats tell us that almost all sexual predators are men who, by definition, have multiple victims. This probably explains why all women have learned how it feels to be prey long before they reach adulthood. Let’s not talk about the potential connection between the growing numbers of girls who don’t want to be female, and a reported increase in the number of girls who are sexually assaulted every year, which is about one in five now. We salute our colleagues across the media who are working tirelessly to make that number even higher.

The Onion Editorial Board, among themselves, probably.

Argument Lego

When I’m responding to trans nonsense on social media often use these handy building blocks to assemble my arguments.

Feel free to appropriate them for your own use.

Debunking Owen Jones

… is too easy.

We don’t often see such a bracing display of blatant misogyny as in Owen Jones’ recent video. For convenience, I’ve organized my slap-downs by timestamp. This is just a quick reaction, so if I’ve missed anything, feel free to let me know in the comments.

1:50 “Start from a place of humanity” Women and girls are human too, and we have unique sex-based rights because of our biology. Men – as a category – represent a threat to our physical safety. #BeKindToFemales

7:30 Parents who don’t accept their child’s homosexuality today are putting them on the trans train so they can have a “straight” child. This is medical conversion therapy. How can you not see this as child abuse?

9:15 “Bad faith” Sorry, no. Apples and oranges. Expanding rights for gay, lesbian and bisexual people did NOT VIOLATE anybody else’s rights.) How tf can you not see that letting men into female spaces violates women’s rights? Not only can males IMPREGNATE females, they are statistically significantly bigger, stronger, faster, and more violent. Males are a threat to female safety! “Trans women” must be excluded from female spaces, not because they’re trans, but because they are male.

12:08 Adoption. Some people believe every child deserves a mother who is female. I’m one of them, because my gut says this is the same safeguarding issue for which males are excluded from female spaces.

13:50 Not all men are predators, but almost all predators are men who, by definition, have multiple victims, which is why all women know how it feels to be prey. This is why single-sex spaces exist. Allowing the sex class that contains almost all the sexual predators to invade the intimate spaces of the sex class that contains almost none, is going to enable and facilitate crimes against women and girls.

14:58 If “It is not a psychiatric disorder” why is gender dysphoria listed in the DSM-V? If gender dysphoria is not a mental disorder, why are taxpayers expected to pay for their hormone treatments and cosmetic surgery? You can’t have it both ways.

16:12 “Trans women already use women’s toilets” but they should not be doing so. When men pretending to be women were few and far between some were granted the privilege, by an abomination known as a “legal fiction,” to use women’s facilities. The privilege has been abused and should therefore be revoked.

17:45 He says there’s “not even one example based on people having a gender recognition certificate” My argument is that the GRC should not exist and nobody should be allowed to falsify their sex on a driver’s license or passport either. No person born male should ever be allowed into female spaces because a significant number of men who claim to be trans are sexual predators. The census proves they are more likely to be jailed for sex offences than other men. There was an argument to be made in favour of the abomination that is “legal fiction” but the world has changed a great deal since then, and lying on documents now causes more harm than good. We could add a field instead. Record natal sex accurately alongside whatever gender you please. You can get married as a “woman” if you like, but stay out of girls’ locker rooms.

18:20 OK now you’re either stupid or lying. There is evidence there are many more crimes against women in unisex change rooms. The woke media chooses to NOT report attacks that show trans people in a bad light no matter what those people have done unless its truly exceptional, but peaktrans has plenty of examples on their website.

18:49 “Democratic will” my arse. Polls showed most Scottish voters OPPOSED the bill. Scotland, like many other nations, is a fake “democracy.” His rant digresses at this point, but “Tories bad” is irrelevant in this discussion.

20:22 Trans people define “hate crime” as anything people do that fails to validate their delusion. Humans cannot change sex. Men can never be women. Words have meanings and meanings matter. “Misgendering” means “correctly sexing” and it is not “violence.” We have the right to freedom of thought and opinion. We have no obligation to lie for others’ benefit.

20:36 I searched for evidence that men who pretend to be women are assaulted in the men’s toilets where they belong. I could not find any. “Trans women” must be excluded from female spaces, because they’re male, not because they’re trans. The bathroom assaults I found all happened in the women’s facilities and the victims were perceived to be trespassing males, or were women attacked by male sex offenders. It turns out, “trans women” are #SaferInTheGents.

20:47 He compares detransition to abortion. No. Abortion does not maim women for life and make them infertile. Abortion is only needed by women who have reached sexual maturity. The trans community is trying to transition young children who cannot possibly give informed consent.

21:30 “Trans women” are clearly not women. Women are exclusively female and no human has ever changed their sex. We are seeing a modern, society-wide example of the conformity experiments that were conducted by Solomon Asch.

21:50 Comparing privileged female leaders who virtue signal as trans allies to Handmaids is indeed unfair. The women you describe are much more analogous to Aunt Lydia.  

22:45Anti trans activists” are not the people you are speaking to. You attack women’s rights campaigners, and your blatant misogyny has been noticed. We know you’ve got your knickers in a twist because of the rising wave of support for Kellie-Jay Keen. There’s a reason this gets under your skin. Deep down, you know we’re right.

23:40 Nobody is trying to “wish trans people away” Owen. We just want men to stay out of female spaces regardless of gender identity. It that really so hard to understand?

24:00 Hyperbolic rant anticipating that women who campaign for human rights will suffer a “final humiliation” and we will “suffer” to see trans people thrive. He’s clearly salivating at the prospect of his fantasy of our “humiliating” defeat coming true. He has a lot in common with the incel community. He doesn’t understand that we want men who are trans to thrive, just not inside our spaces.

24:27 He claims “all you achieved was to make the lives of a minority who already suffer so much pain and hurt and anguish and fear that little bit harder that’s your only contribution on this planet.”  Defending young girls who don’t want to be forced to strip naked in the presence of men is unworthy of anyone’s time, in Owen’s view. Defending women inmates from merciless sexual harassment and assault is not nothing, even if the trans lobby pretends they don’t exist.

25:10 He says the fear-mongering about the consequences of those anti-women laws “will be will be disproven” No, mate. The consequences of the laws are already apparent. You cannot deny that women have been sexually assaulted in prison by male sex offenders who have intact genitals, in violation of international laws that prohibit housing men and women prisoners together.

Some men objectify women and reduce us to our body parts. Some hate us because they want to fuck us and we don’t let them. Some gay men find the very thought of vagina disgusting, but they don’t treat the women in their lives like dirt. What is your excuse for your palpable hatred for women who defend women’s rights, Owen?

Your arguments are seriously flawed. Your manipulative hyperbole is unpersuasive. You’ve got nothing because the facts are not on your side, Owen. Women will not submit to your petulant bullying.

Canada Violates the Charter & Women

I’m in a public washroom stall and I hear a man’s voice in the room. My fight-or-flight response is triggered, which causes a cascade of physiological reactions which, if repeated frequently over time, could seriously damage my health. This reaction is a mammalian instinct that evolved over millions of years. It is not a “social construct.” You cannot train people to *not* have a fight-or-flight response to a potential predator. It is worth noting that the only predator a human female is likely to encounter in the modern world is a human male. Of course not all men are predators, but almost all predators are men. Predators, by definition, have multiple victims, which is why all women know how it feels to be prey. This is why single-sex spaces for females exist.

If I’m undressing in a female locker room and a man walks in and disrobes, he is committing two crimes: voyeurism and indecency. I don’t care if he claims to be trans. I don’t care if he takes hormones. I don’t care if his body has been surgically altered. He is not female and he is therefore not welcome, but he isn’t considered a danger because of his gender identity. He represents a danger to women and girls because he is male. Sometimes women need to partially disrobe in a public washroom due to menstrual accidents. This is humiliating enough without men violating our space. No one observed to be male at birth has ever changed his sex from male to female and that is why no male should ever set foot in a single-sex female space. Nobody can give a male permission to use a communal female space because each woman’s consent is her own. Not one of the eight billion people on this planet can give *my* consent to any man.

I have the right, protected by Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to freedom of thought and belief. I reserve the right to use sex-based pronouns because they are honest and I believe honesty is a virtue. I reject trans activist assertions that their “gender identity” should supersede their biological sex. About 99% of sexual predators are male and there is no evidence males who take cross-sex hormones become less violent than other men. Males are statistically significantly bigger, stronger, faster and more violent than females, with greater lung capacity and bone density. These differences mean that, while men have little to fear from females who pretend to be men, female fear of male violence is perfectly rational.

I have been unable to find any evidence to support the claim that “trans women” risk assault if they use men’s washrooms. On the contrary, it appears that men’s washrooms are safer for all people who identify as trans. I think most people already accept that some men present as very feminine, which may be why we don’t see reports of transitioning males being attacked in men’s washrooms.

In 2016, the trans lobby, having failed twice before, launched another assault on women’s rights in Canada. They had learned from previous failures and shifted their strategy. They had infiltrated the agenda-setting media and it was somehow no longer acceptable to discuss women’s legitimate safety concerns – everything that didn’t serve them was somehow transphobia. Their dogmatic mantra – you know the one, their Big Lie – was chanted ad nauseam, until a sufficient mass of people seemed blind to its absurdity, or so media propaganda told us. “Trans women,” meanwhile, continue to be men.

During the Senate hearings on Bill C-16, it seems nobody heard feminists articulating the threat the bill posed to women and girls, because the media kept the focus on Jordan Peterson‘s opposition to compelled speech. Peterson was right about pronouns, but in hindsight I would also say the trans lobby capitalized on the noisy pronoun battle to distract us from the serious safeguarding issues that should have torpedoed that bill or amended it to confirm the sex-based rights of women. This deliberate, ongoing attack on women’s rights (and children’s bodies) also serves to distract us from the fact that “democracy” is really just an illusion, but that’s a blog post for another day.

Most Canadians don’t even realize that a man who wants his driver’s license and birth certificate falsified to say he’s female is not required to have undergone surgery. These changes have been implemented across Canada, but not always as a result of legislation. In Ontario it was a decision made by the Human Rights Tribunal. Most women don’t even realize how this stripped us of our fundamental rights without public consultation. Most Canadians also don’t realize that violent men with intact male genitals, including sex offenders, have been transferred into women’s prisons by claiming to be trans.

Our federal Department of Justice defines woman as “all people who identify as women, whether they are cisgender or transgender women.” This insult and erasure cannot stand. Sex is encoded in DNA in every cell nucleus in the body, so no amount of hormones or surgery can change it. This is why, in my opinion, nobody should ever be allowed to falsify data on any government document. The once-compelling arguments that supported the abomination known as the “legal fiction” no longer hold water because society has changed dramatically.

Back in 1988, one of the reasons Canada’s abortion law was struck down by the Supreme Court, was that sex discrimination is prohibited by Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Men did not suffer the denial of their bodily integrity, so it was unfair to put that burden only on women. Erasing the boundaries of women as a distinct sex class causes disproportionate harm to women and girls not just by increasing the risk of sexual assault but also by robbing us of opportunities in sports, education, and employment. Men are not similarly affected. Prison authorities who allow males to be placed in women’s prisons, are also violating not just Section 15, but also international law and Section 12 of the Charter which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. It is time for the media to stop obscuring the truth about how gender ideology harms women and girls and violates our rights.

Although the charter rights of Canadian women have been violated, there is a remedy. Section 52 of the Constitution Act, says a law that is inconsistent with the Charter, to the extent of the inconsistency, is of no force or effect. Thus adding “gender identity” to the prohibited grounds in the Human Rights Act does not allow a male to use a female single-sex space, service or accommodation because that would be sex discrimination and would therefore violate the Charter. Canadian women in correctional facilities could commence a class action lawsuit on this basis to remove trans-identifying men from women’s institutions, but they should not have to. Women deserve single-sex spaces where we can be free from harassment and male violence. We will not be bullied into submission. Come hell or high water, we can and will take back our stolen sex-based rights.


That was heavy. Bring on the memes!

Sex Change was Always a Lie

I’ll begin with the premise that words have meanings and that those meanings matter. What we used to call a “sex change operation” is now called “gender reassignment surgery.” This seemingly small change in language has ramifications that terrify trans activists.

That change represents an admission that the concept of “sex change” was always a lie. No human, in the history of the world, has ever changed their sex. Even if it became possible to alter the DNA that resides in every cell nucleus in the body, you can’t reverse the many physiological changes of male puberty. Surgically removing genitals or breasts cannot change a person’s sex, nor can years of ingesting cross-sex hormones. While scientists did not fully understand how DNA works when the first “sex change” operations were conducted, the “Y” chromosome, and the role it played in sex determination, had already been discovered in 1905 by Nettie Stevens.

When the first “sex-change” operations were performed, those who believed that their “sex” had been “changed” by surgery and hormones were deceived. It was a mistake to allow them to falsify the sex or “gender”  recorded on government documents. It should never have been allowed. This was a serious mistake and it needs to be corrected. Obviously, this is anathema to trans activists and will cause some of them psychological distress. It hurts to have the truth revealed when you’ve been living a lie. This problem has flown under the radar for decades because of the traditional social stigma and the very low numbers of “trans” people.

Today we understand that there is a significant difference between sex and gender, but this difference is a recent invention. “Gender” as a field on government documents was originally just a euphemism that referred specifically to what we now understand to be biological sex. We used to say “gender” instead of “sex” because people were squeamish about sex. When these documents were first designed, “sex” belonged exclusively behind the closed doors of married couples’ bedrooms and the subject was avoided in polite society.

When existing government documents were created, including forms to record statistics, sex and gender were interchangeable terms. That is no longer the case. With 20/20 hindsight we can see that instead of changing the sex/gender marker on documents for people who had a “sex change operation” we could have added a new field so sex and gender could be recorded separately. Trans activists don’t want this, obviously, but we do need to discuss the reality that society has made a serious mistake and needs to correct it. The #NoDebate hashtag was supposed to stop us from ever having this conversation.

Now that we understand humans cannot change sex, because we cannot alter our DNA, trans activists want us all to pretend that gender is all that matters, as if gender was never interchangeable with sex. Today, by making a clear distinction between sex and gender, trans activists have pulled off a huge “bait & switch” with catastrophic consequences for women and girls. Sex, however, does matter in ways that gender never will. Sex, not gender, not “gender identity” is the reason people who were born male are unwelcome in female single-sex spaces. 

It is an indisputable fact that men, as a group, are statistically significantly bigger, stronger and more violent than women and much more likely to be sexual predators. This is why females are entitled to spaces where males are excluded. The sex differences that make female spaces so necessary are not mitigated by surgery or cross-sex hormones. Maleness is forever, and there is nothing a trans-identifying male can do about that.

If a man jumps through all the hoops, takes the hormones, has bottom surgery, shaves down his Adam’s apple, gets facial feminization surgery, grows his hair, wears makeup, swaps his wardrobe and performs femininity well, he may “pass” as female, but he is still living a lie. He is still violating the boundaries of women every time he enters a female space, and not getting caught because he’s doing this by stealth does not make it okay. You know who you are.

If I enter a female space to undress I consent to be seen by other females and I don’t mind this because women, as a group, are not bigger, stronger, more violent or likely to be sexual predators. I do not consent to be seen by a male in a female space, not even if he is gay with gender dysphoria instead of being a heterosexual with autogynephilia. My consent is my own and no person anywhere has permission to give MY consent to any male person,whether he “passes” as female or not. Allowing trans-identifying males to use female single-sex spaces, even public toilets, is a violation of the sex-based boundaries and consent of every female who *could* walk into that space and disrobe, even if they don’t.

There is a social contract being violated here, and this needs to stop. There is a public perception that most men who claim to be trans are gay men with genuine dysphoria, which is a mental illness that tells them they were “born in the wrong body” but that perception is flawed. Increasing numbers of heterosexual men with a sexual fetish called autogynephilia are now claiming to be “trans women” and expecting women to validate them by participating in their delusions.

The #MeToo movement made it clear that our sexual consent is our own and nobody has the right to take that from us. Men who commit indecent exposure are punished for it because we recognize that as a violation, even if there is no physical contact, as is also the case with voyeurism. When a male enters a space where women may be undressed in full view of other women, he is committing the crime of voyeurism. If a trans-identifying male with male genitals undresses in a female space, he is committing the additional crime of indecent exposure and should be prosecuted for it.

When Canada debated Bill C-16 in 2016, why was there no discussion of the impact it would have on the criminal code with respect to voyeurism and indecent exposure? These laws are still on the books. A person of the male sex cannot be allowed to use a female single-sex space no matter what gender he claims to be. Crime statistics should record both sex and gender, because failing to do so will make it appear as if females are more violent than we really are. The very statistics that support single-sex spaces for females have now been undermined by the lie that men can change their sex.

I recently asked a Toronto police officer if an arrest would be made if a trans-identifying male exposed his male genitals in a female space. He said it would depend on how that person identified. This response is unacceptable. A trans-identifying male should be arrested and charged with voyeurism for entering any female space, even if he’s had bottom surgery. I don’t care if you think I’m unkind. Expecting females to accommodate men’s “feelings” at the expense of our privacy, dignity and physical safety is extremely unkind to women and girls.

I’m sick of being told I need to accommodate men who are living a lie. These men need psychological treatment for their alethophobia – their fear of or aversion to the truth. The truth is that no man has ever changed his sex to female. The standard of care for all phobias is exposure therapy. For a deeply indoctrinated trans person, the truths in this article will be hard pills to swallow. One of the hardest truths for trans people to accept is that by demanding privileges that destroyed the fundamental sex-based rights of women and girls, trans activists have shot themselves in the foot by exposing the lie that is at the very foundation of their movement and they have only themselves to blame.

Correcting the errors our society made that were based on the lie that people could change their sex will seem regressive to trans people. I understand their perspective, but continuing to tear down the sex-based rights of woman and girls so men can continue to live a lie is unacceptable. Maybe this article is too much truth all at once for a deeply indoctrinated trans person, but I will keep speaking the truth until they get used to it. For them, re-reading this article may have therapeutic value.

No Woman is Transphobic

Words have meanings and meanings matter.

“Phobia” means an irrational fear.

Female fear of male violence is perfectly rational because it is justified both by crime statistics and the lived experience of millions of women the world over since the dawn of humanity.

Males are statistically significantly bigger, stronger and more violent than females.

When a male “transitions” he does NOT become smaller, weaker or less prone to violence.

Women are female, but “trans women” are male.

It is not irrational for women to be fearful when a trans-identifying male invades a female space without consent.

No woman can consent to males entering female single-sex spaces that other women use, for the same reason that nobody can violate another person’s sexual consent. Voyeurism is a crime. The male gaze has no place in a female space.

Males are unwelcome in female single-sex spaces because of their sex, not their gender identity, and humans cannot change their sex. “Sex change” was always a lie.

Woman have every right to ask trans-identifying males to #GetOut and #StayOut of female spaces.

Some trans activists claim “phobia” also refers to an “aversion” but one must consider the source of such “aversion.” As Margaret Attwood astutely observed: Men are afraid women will laugh at them. Women are afraid men will kill them.

Characterizing female instincts for self-preservation as “transphobia” or bigotry is dishonest and despicable.

Supporters of Gender Self-ID are Complicit in Rape

Remember when Jordan Peterson first became famous? There was a huge kerfuffle about whether people should be forced by law to use whatever pronouns a trans person wants. Pronouns were just the thin edge of the wedge, of course, but anyone who pointed out the obvious outcome of removing all gatekeeping from gender transition was called an alarmist transphobe. Obviously, if anyone can call themselves trans, a man with a sexual fetish will claim to be trans so he can enter female spaces seeking sexual gratification. The activists said “that will never happen.” They were wrong.

Anyone with half a brain could see Karen White coming from a mile away. “She” is an intact male convicted pedophile & rapist who sexually assaulted women in a UK women’s prison. Canada has our own “Karen Whites” now. One of them is Madilyn Harks: a pedophile who sexually assaulted two women who were “child-like in appearance” in a women’s prison in Canada. Most people who retweeted #BeKind were unaware that men with male genitals would be allowed to enter any female space if they claim to be trans. Most people who think about this for more than two minutes realize it is a really, really bad idea.

The latest is sex offender to abuse Bill C-16 is Shane Jacob Green, who raped a woman in an Ontario shelter. If he insists he’s trans, he can demand to be sent to a women’s prison. Canada’s women’s prisons are filling up with intact male convicts who claim to be trans so they can do easy time. Most don’t cite safety concerns in their applications. Some admit to their peers they are gaming the system. About half of them are sex offenders. No sane person thinks this is okay, and yet here we are.

This was not hard to predict, but the media didn’t cover this angle during the pronoun row. There was an agenda to satisfy and a narrative to shove down our throats. We should not be surprised when the media pushes narratives that are at odds with the views of the population. Their real job is to shape public opinion, not report on it. It’s called Manufacturing Consent. The “consent” in the title of Chomsky’s book has taken on a new and ominous meaning.

Gender self-identification is now the law in Canada, but most people don’t know how or when this happened. There was no meaningful consultation about it during discussions of Bill C-16. The #NoDebate hashtag was no accident. The activists had tried and failed before. They knew they would not win if people understood what the bill would really do. Bill C-16 was stealth legislation which stripped women of our basic rights without the consent of the governed.

Peterson was right about pronouns, of course. It’s unfortunate that he never used his platform to advocate for women, who no longer have the right to privacy, dignity or physical safety in female spaces. Two of the many possible adverse outcomes of our stealth gender self-id law include: being fired for failing to call someone xir, & a teenage girl being raped by an intact male sex offender while incarcerated in, say, a juvenile detention facility, after being punished for complaining about being forced to share the communal showers with a male. Which of these scenarios is worse? Why are the basic rights women & girls not even an afterthought?

Women have had enough of this nonsense in the UK and politicians have taken notice. The media have a responsibility to report on the sexual harassment and assault that women are now subjected to as a direct result of gender self-id in Canada. To date, they have failed to meet that fundamental obligation. Bill C-16 essentially legalized voyeurism and indecent exposure in the very locations where such crimes will do the most harm. Anyone who continues to support gender self-identification after learning about the criminal consequences is complicit in every rape perpetrated by every sex offender who abuses the law to victimize women and little girls. We all need to own our responsibility for allowing this to happen and stand up to protect women and girls today, not least because gender ideology is coming for your children now.