Dear Jeffrey Marsh

I see you’re having a hard time on social media. A mother told you to stop trying to communicate with minors without parental consent. Here concerns were and are valid and not just because the optics are not good. If you encourage a child to keep secrets from their parents, even if your intentions are pure, you are still making them more vulnerable to abuse by others.

You are not a licensed psychotherapist. A therapist has to go through therapy themselves in order to obtain accreditation. If you had been through such a process, you would likely have obtained some valuable insights about your own personality that might make you a better coach. If your therapist is highly competent, they may have been able to diagnose a potential personality disorder that your videos suggest you may have. A member of my family is a narcissist, but he has made the effort to understand his condition and to try to ameliorate it. Personality disorders cannot be cured, but they can be treated with some success.   

Most narcissists are unable to consider the possibility that they are wrong about anything, even in the face of evidence. You’re probably smarter than most of them though. You should be smart enough to realize that the optics of sending a veiled threat to a woman who criticized your behaviour is, shall we say, sub-optimal, especially since your fans are sending disturbing threats that they may harm her innocent daughters.

If you want the internet to get off your back, you should make the effort to tell your fans that targeting this woman and her daughters is unacceptable. You ought to make it clear that you don’t condone criminal harassment or abuse. If you cannot do that, you should consider finding a good therapist to deal with your anger management issues, because I don’t think your brand will survive unless you get over your sense of being the one and only victim in this situation and rise above your negative emotions.   

Karma is a great teacher. May your outcomes be commensurate with your efforts.


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