The Trans Population Bomb

As more communities and institutions are infiltrated and undermined by gender ideology, the negative consequences can expect to pile up, like buckets of healthy breast tissue in the back rooms of medical clinics offering “affirmative care” to children who are hopelessly confused about gender by teachers who have told them boys can become girls and vice versa. How many young girls will be victimized by sexual predators before we slam the brakes on this crazy train?

The Population Bomb was an alarmist book published in 1968 which incorrectly predicted widespread famine in the 1970s based on the ballooning global population. In recent years there has been an explosion in the numbers of people who claim to be “transgender.” This won’t lead to widespread famine, but the consequences will be many and varied. We would be wise to think about the impacts these will have and make some effort to mitigate the harms.

The following graph derived from recent UK data is very telling. We know women are a very small minority of the UK prison population. Approximately 99% of sex offenders are men. When the most recent census was taken in the UK they collected data on how many people identify as trans. This was combined with data from the prisons to show that, apparently, men who pretend to be women are far more likely to be incarcerated as sex offenders than other males.

Is this a fair conclusion to draw though? To be fair, we must consider the possibility that male criminals are faking being trans just so they can have an easier time in prison. Some sex offenders are faking being trans because they are highly motivated to offend and they want access to a large pool of vulnerable victims. It is possible that men who truly want to be women are also more likely to be sexual predators, but we cannot make definitive statements about how many fall into that category because of the confounding variables here. There is no way to differentiate between these various demographics of men. This is true not just in prisons but in every single-sex space for females.

Not all sex offenders are incarcerated. Given how hard it is to obtain convictions for sexual offenses, consider the likelihood that the total number of male sex offenders may be larger than the total number of males who “identify as women.” If a man invades a female change room, the women and girls inside are likely to have a stress response because their subconscious minds already know this person is approximately 100 times more likely to be a sex offender than any woman in the space and also more likely to be a sexual predator than a man who uses the proper facilities. It does not matter if the trespasser had surgery or takes hormones.

No male should ever be tolerated in a “single-sex” space for females. It’s right there in the name. The minute a person born male enters a female space it is magically transformed into a “mixed-sex” space and is no longer fit for purpose. There is such a thing as too much tolerance and sex is where we must draw the line in order to avoid an easy to predict increase in sexual offenses against women and girls. This is borne out in another UK chart on unisex toilets.

The helpful charts above could not be reproduced with data from Canada because all the male sex offenders pretending to be women would be counted as women by law enforcement. The decision made by Stats Canada in 2019 to track crime by whatever gender a perpetrator claims to be is already causing harm. Not only will it lead to the false claim that “more women are being jailed as sex offenders” it also hides the crimes that male sex offenders are committing in women’s prisons against vulnerable female inmates who cannot “identify” their way to safety. How can we solve this problem when the government is using flawed statistics to cover up what is really going on? Sound statistics are crucial as the foundation for public policy.

The number of men pretending to be women in prison is increasing and we must expect this trend to continue as more men realize they can make a “strategic” transition while incarcerated without ever taking hormones or having surgery, and then “detransition” once they are released. Women have been gaslit by lying men who kept telling us “that never happens” while they unilaterally shredded the social contract and women’s fundamental rights. What is truly alarming about this trend is the ratio of men to women in prison. Incarcerated women are outnumbered by men by such a huge amount that it is not inconceivable that one day women could become a minority in women’s prisons. Before we get there, male rapists will be able to form gangs within the women’s prison system, and work as a team to target their victims. It’s only a matter of time before gang rape becomes a serious risk.

We need to stop and think about why women’s prisons exist in the first place. Men were raping women. Now they are doing so again because the government lets them, in violation of local and international human rights laws. The politicians who allowed this want us so busy trying to re-establish fundamental human rights for women that we’ll be too busy to notice the fact that they committed this abomination without public consultation: without the consent of the governed. They don’t want us to move on to solve the core problem: most nations that call themselves “democracies” aren’t. This is why the media works so hard to polarize the population in so many ways. Divide & Rule tactics have always proved very effective. Single issue solidarity is the solution.

Most women in Canada have no understanding that our fundamental right to privacy dignity and safety has already been stripped away from us, in violation of the Charter. The state-sponsored media is complicit in covering up sex crimes the government has facilitated and should be held responsible for. Consider writing to your MP and demanding that Stats Canada collect crime statistics based on biological sex as well as gender so legislators will have a sufficient data to make the sensible public policy decisions we need to end this madness before more women are raped.

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