The Case Against Pronouns

Exhibit A: The Truth Matters

My fundamental right to assert the truth is the hill I am willing to die on. Here are some fundamental facts I will continue to assert because words have meanings and meanings matter:

·  A “woman” is an adult human female.

·  “Trans women” are not women. “Trans women” are men.

·  A “men” are adult human males. “Trans men” is a misleading oxymoron.

·  Refusing to use misleading terminology to refer to trans people is not an expression of “hatred.”

·  “Transphobia” cannot credibly be attributed to women because “phobia” means irrational fear. Female fear of male violence is perfectly rational because males are statistically significantly bigger, stronger and more prone to violence than females, particularly sexual violence.

Exhibit B: The Free Speech Argument.

Jordan Peterson was absolutely right that compelled speech is unacceptable. We have long accepted that threats of harm and hate speech stoking violence are prohibited by law. Forcing people to use particular words, however – literally putting words in their mouths – is an unacceptable level of coercive authoritarianism.

Exhibit C: Pronouns are Rohypnol

First, there is a cognitive cost of using pronouns that contradict what we see.

Forcing our brains to ignore the evidence of our eyes, to ignore a conflict between what we see and know to be true, and what we are expected to say, affects us.

Using preferred pronouns does the same. It alters your attention, your speed of processing, your automaticity. You may find it makes you anxious. You pay less heed to what you want to say, and more to what is expected of you. It slows you down, confuses you, makes you less reactive. That’s not a good thing.

-Barra Kerr

Second, there is a cost of having everyone around you using pronouns that contradict biological reality. Imagine you’re a teenage girl asked by your manager to work the closing shift with one other employee. You express concerns for your safety because you’ll be heading home long after dark. “He can give you a ride home” will create a viscerally different reaction from “She can give you a ride home.” If it doesn’t, you may already have been conditioned, like one of Pavlov’s dogs, not to salivate at a bell, but to let your guard down in a situation where it may be unsafe for you to do so.

Males are statistically significantly bigger, stronger, and more violent than females. In an altercation between a man and a woman, the female is much more likely to be seriously injured or killed. The physiological advantages that result from going through puberty as a male do not disappear if he medically transitions and there is no evidence that trans-identifying males are less violent than other males. Males are a physical threat to females, and our fight-or-flight response, honed over thousands of years of evading predators, is not a social construct that anyone should be attempting to train away.

Training children to let their guard down is grooming. Forcing children to use gender-based pronouns, regardless of sex, will absolutely create a climate that makes it easier for sexual predators to victimize children. Forcing everyone to use female pronouns to describe males is sexual grooming on an industrial scale.

Exhibit D: The Thin Edge of the Wedge

Canadians were told Bill C-16 was intended to merely save trans people from discrimination by including it in human rights protections. It actually destroyed the fundamental human rights of women by bringing gender self-identification to Canada by stealth instead, without public consultation and without the consent of the governed. There was no discussion of the easily foreseeable consequences of allowing gender self-id, just a general assent from the sleepwalking population that “trans rights” was of course just the next step after granting marriage rights to homosexuals. This was a very serious error which has already had catastrophic consequences for the most vulnerable women in Canada.

Male sex offenders began demanding, and receiving, transfers into women’s prisons. Half the convicts claiming to be trans now are sex offenders. Most don’t use hormones and have no intention of ever having surgery. These men sometimes admit to other inmates that they are just gaming the system, and revert to their birth sex on release. This obvious outcome of gender self-id was never addressed by the Canadian media while Bill C-16 was under debate. Anyone who raised it was scoffed at with “that would never happen” but it has happened, over and over, in every place this wrong-headed policy has been implemented.

The Trudeau government is absolutely complicit in the rapes already perpetrated by intact male sex offenders who have cited Bill C-16 to demand access to female prisons and a large pool of helpless victims. Not only is a female prison much easier time, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. These women cannot escape the rapists by “identifying” their way into a safe facility, so this is absolutely vile sex discrimination.

There has been almost no discussion of the sexual assaults that have already taken place in women’s prisons, but there is no reason to assume this won’t also be happening in juvenile correctional facilities. There is nobody more vulnerable than a female juvenile offender who may already be a victim of sexual abuse and yet Canada has thrown them to the wolves. The media cannot be expected to report such incidents for the same reason they don’t report vaccine injuries. “The Greater Good” is a red flag that something evil is afoot.

Of course #NotAllMen are predators, but almost all predators are men. Although few men are predators, they don’t stop at one victim so most women are prey at some point in their lives. Good men stay out of female spaces so bad men stand out. Trans-identifying males who invade female spaces are not good men, and they most certainly are not women because humans cannot change sex. Sex, not gender, is the reason “trans women” are not welcome in female spaces.

Policy Proposals

1. Nobody gets to tell anyone else what pronouns they are required to use. Trans women are not women and there is nothing inappropriate in using sex-based pronouns to describe trans identifying males. It may be “kind” to use gender-based pronouns, but nobody is entitled to demand kindness from others. Pronouns are just the thin edge of the wedge, though.

2. Trans-identifying males cannot be allowed in a female space, because the presence of a male makes it a mixed-sex space. The fundamental sex-based rights of women and girls to privacy, dignity and physical safety are much more important than the feelings of trans-identifying males. Male facilities should be altered to better accommodate the needs of trans-identifying males, or separate facilities created. Allowing trans-identifying females to use male facilities does not present comparable problems though, because the core safety issue is asymmetrical.

3. Nobody should be allowed to falsify their sex on any government document because humans can never change their sex and sexual appropriation is sex discrimination against women and girls. A new field should be added, where needed, so sex and gender can be recorded separately. Crime statistics must be compiled based on sex, even if they track gender as well.


This isn’t just a cultural war. Women and girls have already suffered some significant casualties. It’s time for all Canadians to fight to protect our sisters, mothers and daughters.

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