Philosophy Tube’s Worst Video Ever

I admit I haven’t seen every video they’ve produced, but I nominate the recent Vaccines and Freedom take as the worst video Philosophy Tube has ever produced. Despite listening carefully to what Abigail said, I will remain the in the control group of the massive experiment that is covid vaccine research.

The video is based on “research” conducted by the Royal Institution which gives the game away in this section addressing reasons people don’t get vaccinated.

(screen grab from “Covid-19 Vaccine Scepticism_ Ethnography by Telltale Research”)

The researchers go out of their way to focus attention on unknown long term side effects while completely ignoring the well-known adverse events that have been maiming and killing people since the vaccine rollout began.

You cannot claim to be addressing the philosophy around vaccines vs freedom without even mentioning the Trolley Problem, or its variant, the Fat Man pushed off a bridge. We are being encouraged to push healthy children onto the tracks, allegedly to “save granny,” without regard for the huge variation in risk/benefit ratios for the young vs the old.

We can play thought experiments on the issue of forced or coerced vaccination all the day long, but where the rubber meets the road is in the courtroom. A judge in Ontario recently delivered a very thoughtful decision in which he stopped a father from vaccinating his children against their will. The documents which approved the vaccine for the 5-11 cohort in Canada stopped short of recommending the vaccine for healthy children. They have since modified that, but at least one vaccine death of a minor was covered up in a clear attempt to avoid contributing to vaccine “hesitancy.”

Another failure in this video was the failure to discuss the issue of informed consent for medical procedures. The right to bodily integrity is absolute. Nobody should be allowed to inject anything into your body without your permission. The thing about informed consent that the mainstream propagandists don’t want us to talk about is that it MUST be voluntary. If any form of coercion is used, including any threat of harm like job loss, informed consent has not been obtained, and this renders any medical procedure thus performed to be highly unethical.

Some of the people who were forced to get the vaccine to keep their jobs suffered serious harm as a result of that vaccine. Who should be held liable for that harm? Many of these workers cannot afford to sue employers or medical practitioners for the damage done. They have been pushed under the trolley and will never be made whole again. Mandates for covid vaccines in particular are highly unethical because these vaccines can kill.

The very real, if minuscule, risk of death by vaccine cannot be ignored. Is it “safe” to play Russian Roulette? No, it is not, and it does not matter on a philosophical level whether the magazine holds six rounds or six million. You can choose to gamble with your own life, but NOBODY can force you to play that game without your voluntary informed consent. Let’s not even get into whether those who have already been vaccinated were properly informed of the potential risks.

For many people the risk of serious harm or death from Covid justifies the decision to be vaccinated, but the risk/benefit ratio for each individual depends on multiple intersecting factors including age, co-morbidities and level of exposure to the virus. Apart from the balancing of individual freedom with “the greater good” (which is always a huge red flag covering all manner of evils) a blanket policy to vaccinate everyone will not provide the benefits claimed. Whether a particular unvaccinated person can articulate a “good” reason to decline the vaccine is irrelevant because very good reasons do exist, even though the media refuses to discuss them. It was no accident that the most compelling reasons for vaccine hesitancy were ignored by Philosophy Tube in their ridiculous video & the “research” commissioned by the Royal Institution was nothing but a blatant straw-man logical fallacy.

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