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Everybody wants to save the world, and we all have our own gifts to offer. I have more time than most to do research. As a university student, I also have access to academic and scientific journals that the public may find hidden behind a paywall.  I want to build a searchable database to collect the best information I can find from the most credible sources. When evaluating credibility it is important to understand the complex relationships and revolving door between academia, government regulators and the corporations who profit from the research they fund. The public has been lied to for so long that people who speak the truth sometimes sound ‘crazy’ but it is important to evaluate the EVIDENCE instead of buying common assumptions. For people who are ready to wake up and look at things from different angles, I’m developing a searchable database – AWAKEupedia – to help people research issues ignored on the evening news. Meanwhile, here is a ‘starter set’ of links to help you with your own research. This is a work in constant progress, so these will evolve over time. I welcome your suggestions for additions/improvements in the comments.


Corruption is Legal:

The Princeton study:

Politicians admit it:

Income Inequality chart:

What people want:

Important Documentary “The Corporation”:

Very important documentary (also on Netflix):

Warning from a Billionaire:

How they get away with it:

What they’re getting away with;

Obama’s cabinet;

Lobbying facts:

and finally, HERE is a brilliant solution to the problem:



Pipeline Spill Stats map/video:

Great lakes threat;

Funny #NoDAPL video:

Abuse of Eminent Domain threatens EVERY American homeowner:

wikipedia on supreme court decision;



Great conversation about the failure of the fourth estate:

“Manufacturing Consent”:

Chomsky explains the ‘propaganda model’  in less than 7 minutes  (I know his voice is as exciting as listening to paint dry, but that last sentence really ties it up and puts a bow on top):

Military/NFL propaganda:



Ryan stumps for Sanders (funny) :

Florida’s Implausible Primary Results:

Strip & flip:

Whistleblower video:

DNC primary:


State corruption rankings;

Better voting system:

Electoral Reform; why first-past-the-post is unfair:


“DEEP STATE” (why Obama promises were not kept) :

Vote all you want, the secret government won’t change;

Police State:

Shadow Government:

Foreign policy;

Ron Paul;

Double Government:…/5411785

Glennon Article:…/2014/01/Glennon-Final.pdf

War is a racket:

Inverted totalitarianism:




TPP dirtiest deal:

TPP rules:


Essential documentary The Corporation:

Universal Basic Income:


ECOCIDE is a Crime Against Humanity:


Water crisis documentaries;



(Thanks for some excellent links, Shane Alg)

– Exxon knew about the catastrophic effects of anthropomorphic CLIMATE CHANGE by the 1980’s, buried the knowledge and lied about it. See pg 13 of this document:

– Merchants of Doubt:

– Lead in Flint’s water:…/epa-stayed…/78719620/

– Chromium 6 (toxin) may be in your water:…/chromium-6-erin…

-Valeant raises price on lead poisoning drug 2700% after Flints criminal disaster…/valeant-drug-prices-lead…/

-Pesticides driving bees to extinction…/epa-confirms…

-Dupont knowingly poisons our water, spreading cancer…/the-lawyer-who-became-duponts…

-Hydraulic fracturing turns Oklahoma into the earthquake nightmare

-Unprecedented gas leak in California town makes neighborhood uninhabitable…/Huge-gas-leak-undermines…

-Neighborhood explodes in flames, killing eight, due to poorly maintained gas lines…/pge-found-guilty-on-six…/

-Oil companies allowed to inject toxic waste into California aquifers…/ca-halts-injection…

– Koch Brothers poison a town:

– Cheney Loophole:

– More reasons Cheney should be in prison:

– Prison slavery:

– Fluoride & cancer?:

– Fluoride as a neurotoxin;

See my previous blog posts for links on genetically modified organisms.


I put this together quickly and will probably keep modifying it to make improvements.

Please let me know in the comments if any links are broken and need fixing or if you have good links to share.

Please consider the great value of sharing good information with your circles of friends to help raise public consciousness around important issues.

Thanks for participating in the ‘boss fight’ to save the biosphere!



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SJW trying to save the biosphere from greedy billionaires hiding behind opaque, unaccountable, undemocratic transnational corporations.

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