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How is FHRITP Still a Thing?!

If there was ever a cultural moment that made it perfectly clear that western civilization is well and truly swirling around the bowl, it must be this week’s FHRITP incident, which was well documented by all the major Canadian news outlets. Some dude old enough to know better lost his job for his horrid conduct and the police say they can and will  arrest perpetrators. of this bizzare, moronic prank.

I can understand a bunch of 12-year-old boys engaging in a potty-mouthed prank, but when I was a kid anyone caught pulling a stunt like that on television would be subjected to consequences that might run the gamut from being grounded for a year with no electronics to the kind of corporal punishment that parents would get arrested for today. People stupid enough to pull this stunt would lick a metal pole in the schoolyard at 30 below. When are they going to learn it’s not going to end well? What makes it worse is that the origin of this disgusting meme was a hoax that cons guys into buying t-shirts and bumper stickers that say the equivalent of “I hate women.” If the guys who do this incredibly stupid prank are heterosexual and want to hook up with a female person one day, it makes no sense to commit the verbal equivalent of a tattoo on the forehead that says “women suck.” Why would anyone in his right mind do something so blatantly offensive to half the population of the freaking planet? Lighting farts would be a far more civilized (and attractive!) pastime.

Sometimes, to get through to someone who is as thick as a fencepost, you need to speak in a language they can understand. People learn about FHRITP online, so I decided to take the battle to those pages (like here, here, here, here, here, here and here).  I created the “Kick that Guy Right in the Nuts” Facebook page and made some memes that respond to their garbage on Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to copy/save/share any of the photo-memes from my Facebook page (see examples below) or make your own. I knew I hit a nerve when they banned KTGRITN and deleted all the memes I posted. Better still, why don’t we demand that Facebook and Twitter (and any other hosts) shut down pages that support these indefensible attacks on women? If more people bombard their pages with slapdowns, they might wake up and smell their own stupidity. Lets flush FHRITP where it belongs.

Their FHRITP memes;                           My KTGRITN memes;

keep-calm-and-fhritp-13                         keep-calm-and-kick-that-guy-right-in-the-nuts


57357892               IDONTALWYS


5427314343b45_335574b               kitnlogo


u4AKt1R                jd

xy                  lhaw0

04a                  disfor

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c1d                  probsolved


d837da8acf47e1671e26a287dcc3ab88            bitchslapfred

Now that you get the idea, here’s a few more;

wonkaf   YUNOKICK


twbg  unicorn

downey   falon

OPRAHKICK     lookatall

Lets make this one happen:


Update May 14; Lets add a fine in excess of $400 to the long list of reasons to NOT attempt this incredibly stupid verbal assault on reporters.