FHRITP Deserves a Kick Right in the Nuts


Recently, some idiot jumped into shot behind a female journalist and shouted “f*ck her right in the p*ssy.” Apparently this kind of extreme street harassment is a thing now. If you look up FHRITP on the interwebs you will lose your faith in humanity, and probably your lunch. If the idea of a kick in the goolies makes guys cringe, that’s a good thing. That’s when I point out to them; “Now you know how women and girls feel when you make jokes about rape.”

Toronto Star columnist Heather Mallick nails it when she calls out scumbags who attack women this way for the repulsive vermin they are, and likens their activity to a “virtual gang rape.” The ignorant wanker who “invented” FHRITP has his head so far up his arse that he says it’s not an attack on women. I suppose we could just be grateful that someone this stupid is unlikely to successfully breed, but we can do better than that. I’m calling everyone to put a stop to this revolting stupidity right here, right now, by turning these bottom-feeding, knuckle-dragging cretins into epic-fail memes.  I have a strategy to consign FHRITP into the dustbin of internet history where it belongs, alongside blackface on Halloween and the n-word.

To be clear, just in case stupid people are reading this, I do not recommend that anyone physically assault someone by actually kicking them in the nuts in real life. Also, we should all be aware of the possible consequences of public shaming that will hang in cyberspace forever, so make sure the punishment fits the crime. That being said, if someone behaves like such a douche canoe that he deserves to become an epic-fail meme, here’s what you can do:

1. Take a screengrab or copy of the picture.      morgan_dunlop.jpg.size.xxlarge.promo

2. Grab a close-up of the offender’s face and upload it to this handy meme generator.  It really helps if you use KTGRITN in the filename so that its easy for others to find and use the image.

ignorant cunt      Optional: Add the ever-popular “scumbag hat.”   cdnsb


3. Add some catchy text.    idiot   and share it widely on social media like:

a) this new “kick that guy right in the nuts” Facebook page or

b) Twitter using  #FHRITP to tell them what you think of their stupidity, but also #KTGRITN  to share it with ‘the sisterhood’ at large.

Finally, take your right hand, reach over your left shoulder and pat yourself on the back for making the world a slightly better place.  Another way to help defend your sisters from trolls online is use appropriate memes to counteract their BS. I’ve been visiting FHRITP pages on facebook and dropping my memes into their comment threads to try to get it through their thick, juvenile skulls that if they ever want to get a date with a female person, yelling FHRITP or  liking/sharing that meme is NOT going to help accomplish that goal. You can make your own memes at this user-friendly meme generator, but also feel free to copy and share these wherever you like:

unicornbnr downey falon IDONTALWYS ITSGONE jd keep-calm-and-kick-that-guy-right-in-the-nuts lookatall maury OPRAHKICK putinwarnin trinwhat twbg   wonkaf YUNOKICK

This has earned some attention from the small, mouthy community of MRA-type trolls, but nothing I can’t handle because I also have a whole collection of response memes, even special ones for the idiots who toss out that “make me a sandwich” insult as soon as its obvious they’ve lost the argument.  Here are just a few …..


I’ve had some fun schooling idiots on #Shirtgate and #Shirtstorm who need an attitude adjustment.  Feel free to copy all the memes from here or my other accounts and share them wherever some schooling is called for.  I also just opened a tumblr blog called “Kick that guy right in the nuts” and encourage anyone to share things on twitter using #KTGRITN.  I found the FHRITP tumbler and asked the following questions;  “Don’t you worry that the next time you yell “f*ck her right in the pussy” someone will kick you right in the nuts? Also, are you gay? I only ask because I can’t imagine that anyone could yell FHRITP on camera and have an expectation that a woman would ever give you the time of day.”

When schooling trolls, someone is bound to toss out “go f*ck yourself” when it becomes clear that they have lost the argument.  I came up with an appropriate response meme to address that very situation:


I just got this comment from my “2 questions” meme:  “would you stfu. Its people like you who make me hate society”  so I sent him my own version of ‘you mad bro’ ….


Wanna quick shortcut? Make memes out of:

Trinity from The Matrix (she’s awesome!)

the asshat from the story above  or other founding members of the  KTGRITN hall of shame including John Cain, who started this whole stupid prank and considers it a great accomplishment and Fred, the jerk who is capitalizing on this stupid prank.

Jian Gomeshi,


Bill Cosby


Have fun schooling those trolls, sistas!







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  1. Lol its canada, no one cares.

  2. Please feel free to copy and share any of the memes from the new “Kick him right in the nuts” facebook page. They come in handy to drop into the comments thread on FHRITP posts. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kick-that-guy-right-in-the-nuts/808698322507123?ref=hl

  3. Get over yourself you feminist twat.

    • Newsflash, douchebag: Nobody gives a fuck what you think, and its not just because we have no fucks left. If we had a mountain of fucks you would not get a single one, not even a little tiny one just your your size.
      Sadly, slimy little bottom-feeding meninist assbags are too stupid to see the glaringly obvious ironies:
      1) Their obvious contempt for women makes no sense whatsoever if they are heterosexuals who hope to mate with a female at some point in the future.
      2) Their asinine verbal diarrhea proves the exact opposite of what they intend. Lewis’ Law strikes again.

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