The Winter of Our Discontent

798px-Windbuchencom   Arab spring was an amazing demonstration of the game-changing power of social media. Then Wall Street was occupied, we Marched against Monsanto, actions have been organized against Keystone XL and First Nations are taking on frackers. On November 16 the U.S. will see a March Against Mainstream Media while in Canada thousands will march to Defend our Climate on the same day. Is it just me or is there a groundswell of people who have had it with the status quo?

Fewer people are blindly swallowing the drivel they feed us on the evening news, and more are doing their own research on topics like GMO’s, fluoride, factory farms, and even Building Seven. It becomes easier every day to see how distraction, division and deception are deployed against us for the tremendous profit of massive corporations. The crime that has been perpetrated under our mesmerized noses is perhaps the greatest transfer of wealth in human history from the many to the few. The numbers are beyond comprehension, so we ignored them for years, but a shift is taking place today. Gloria Steinhem once said “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” That statement is still true for feminists, and now it is true for everyone else too.

We are bombarded with a constant stream of images and sounds that make it impossible to hear our inner voices. The still small voice of conscience is drowned out by the bombastic politics of us versus them.  I think people are begining to realize that this whole “us versus them” mindset is just another system of control. Divide and conquer still works, but when you become aware of the dynamic you begin to recognize those wedges for the falsehoods they are and see them everywhere. There are millions of people marching for different causes all over the world, but at the end of the day they ALL want to save the world for our children.

The military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about is still trying to cling to power and brutal policing at public demonstrations lays bare the fear of the one percent. The response to Toronto’s G20 protests was so disproportionate a lot of people seemed to keep their heads down for a while. Once you notice your own fear though, it loses its power to control you. I caught myself pausing before sharing a facebook post from an Occupy page and suddenly thought: that’s how they win. Self censorship is the worst kind. I am no longer afraid of what anyone thinks of my “multi-issue activism” not because I know I’m just one of millions who feel this way, but because my conscience compels me to speak truth to power. I’ll march on November 16 with thousands of others, but I don’t expect to see an immediate result.

What is important is the growth and spread of knowledge and understanding that we all share common fundamental needs, that all our many causes and problems are interconnected and that there are millions of solutions we can implement. I think we are approaching a tipping point where a critical mass of people will discover their own power to change the world through the moral dimensions of every purchasing decision they make. Democracy may be a total sham, but money still talks, and even if they refuse to label GMO’s we can still identify them and refuse to buy them. The powers that control the United Nations have not seen fit to recognize ecocide as a crime against peace, but we can call out offending corporations, shame them and shun their products. The economics of exponential growth on a finite planet does not work. The goalposts need to move and we can help shift them on November 16.

I think this Autumn might come to be recognized as part of a great awakening. Russel Brand’s recent call for revolution has been viewed well over nine million times for a reason. So many people have been hurt financially by the abuse of corporate power that continuing to support the status quo is no longer a sensible option. Let this be the winter of our discontent as we look around and recognize all the things that need to change because we need to see what is wrong before we can fix it.  A huge swath of the middle class has been pushed into poverty and the poor are being pushed down as far as they can go.  I thing its time for us all to spring back.


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