Earth. We all have to share this small blue marble with billions of other living organisms. Yet the human species too often, as a nursery school teacher might say, “doesn’t play well with others.”

We each develop layers of identities as we grow: child, student, consumer, worker, voter, parent, activist. It can be empowering to find a tribe of like-minded beings who share your goals, but this tendency has its dark side.  Whenever you gather in a group, a line is drawn which separates insiders from outsiders.  Social psychologists know that this ‘us vs. them’ mindset can lead to horrific atrocities. Every time this happens we say “never again” and then fail to address the core problem.  If the biosphere is destroyed, all of our children and their children will suffer, not just ‘ours’ or ‘theirs.’

In order to erase the lines that divide us, it helps to recognize how phony they are to begin with. Every time you turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper, you can see who is drawing the lines and why. Corporations rake in huge profits by convincing us that they are the gatekeepers to where we want to be. The politicians for all the major parties make promises to the people who vote for them, and then do what their corporate donors want instead.  The whole system is broken. The medium is the message and the message is “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” We have been distracted (SQUIRREL!!) from what should be our first priority.

Our most basic need is air to breathe. If you doubt this, as Dr. Guy McPherson says: “try holding your breath while you count your money.”  After air, our most pressing need is clean water. We cannot live without it and to deny water to other living beings is to commit the crime of ecocide. No corporation has a right to extract water for profit at the expense of living creatures. No corporation has the right to contaminate aquifers while extracting resources for profit. This is not rocket science, folks. Don’t let the mainstream media fool you – remember who they really work for.

Fortunately, every problem has a solution, and most have several. We don’t have to pick just one.  There are many ways to work at fixing a broken system, including leaving it to start another, but what does it say about our species that a quarter of a million of us signed up to be on the first flight to Mars? Is it acceptable to rape this planet to death and then go find another?  Have you seen photos from Mars?  Do you want Earth to look like that one day?  No, we need to join our energies together and be the change we want to create and those who still don’t believe its possible need to step out of the way.  I have no doubt that many pessimists, when they see where this is all going, will join with the rest of us altruistic optimists in saving the world.

We need to save the biosphere. The time is now. The path is clear. Are you a Terrestrial?


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Just trying to make the world a better place.

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