How to Save the World

EarthRenderPoliticians always seem to campaign on “jobs” and the economy, but this is like knocking on someone’s door to talk about Jesus while their house is on fire. Although many of us have met our basic requirements and are striving to reach our fullest potential, many more are falling behind, and seeing our disposable incomes shrink.  What is of even greater concern than rising income inequality – but connected to it by the same cause –  the planet we live on is becoming less and less able to provide for our most fundamental needs.  This is because we have poisoned our biosphere to the point that clean air and water are incresingly scarce. We have collectively “sinned.” The word ‘sin’ has the same root meaning as the score in archery when you literally “missed the mark.” The correct response to this sin is not punishment or vengeance. The only sensible response is to say “you can do better.”

My callout to politicians everywhere is the same. You can do better. The most pressing issue today is the human destruction of the planet that will kill and sicken many of our children and grandchildren. The ship of state is very large and we all understand that it won’t turn on a dime but the time to grab the wheel and start is not the next election: the time is NOW!

If you want to save the world, there are many ways to do it. In his essay “Reality Check from the Brink of Extinction,” Christopher Hedges makes the point that hanging your laundry outside is all well and good, but you need to understand that the vast majority of great harms done to the planet are by large corporations. Even if we all stop buying beef and bottled water, the earth will still die if we don’t stop corporate greed and malfeasance from undoing all the best efforts of individuals. If you haven’t yet watched the documentary film “The Corporation” you need to check it out. Consider the two-and-a-half hour investment a small penance for your previous sins against the planet, if that’s what it takes.

The next film to watch is called “Do the Math” by Bill McKibben, which is only 45 minutes. Once you’ve done that and you realize that the planet – our house – is on fire, how do you feel about politicians who talk about nothing but the economy (abstraction = distraction) or your monthly telecom bill? Exactly. This is why taking democracy back has to be among the first actions we take collectively to save the world. Fortunately, we don’t have to start from scratch. In Canada we already have LeadNow and DemocracyWatch. In the U.S. you have MoveOn and DemocracyNow. Please post in the comments any other organizations that are working towards transparency and accountability. The ability to recall politicians who fail to do the will of the people is crucial, so recall mechanisms are necessary in all healthy democracies. In Canada we need to turn up the heat and put our first-past-the-post issue on the front burner. There is no issue in any upcoming election that is more important than democratic reform. You can help save the world by making sure every candidate gets this message.

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  1. Hello Heather,

    I was excited to read your post and the reality check I expected, however…
    Our experience has been that nothing will ever change within the current system. No matter who we put into office or how many letters they get or phone calls etc. They offer us little tokens to make us think they are actually working for us, even if some do try. We have learned it is a myth believing we are functioning within a democracy. What used to be is no longer. We now operate within a system created by and for corporations and the governments that support them. No matter who we elect or put into office, assuming we do, they cannot fix this system. In fact the system is not broken, it is working perfect. Only not for the people. Realizing our ‘democracy’ was created by a group of the 1%, who were white, male, property owners, was a shock. WE as in women were their property, as were 99% of the population.
    It is also mostly unknown to many that corporations actually began taking over in the 1800s. Ever since they’ve been doing so with the help of Constitutional Amendments crafted by our Supreme Court. A court with autonomous authority to dictate what and how corporations shall rule. We the people in turn have zero push-back within their system for the simple reason they made sure the rules, laws and regulations work for them, the corporations, not us. In fact the only thing environmental laws regulate is us, never those destroying our planet. Those laws are about how much damage is acceptable. How much harm, how much poison. From BP to Fukushima the corporations prevail, while the devastation continues. We have Monsanto folks everywhere in Washington with positions of power. It’s insane.
    Please visit Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund – CELDF @
    They opened our eyes in Oregon. We are attempting to take back our rights as citizens, along with 150 other communities throughout our country having used their help.
    Our group has worked within the ‘system’, what we are now calling the ‘box’ for almost three years, only to find we would hit a steel wall every time. This time we are working on local community rights. We are attempting to put a ballot initiative before the people, so they can decide, in our case to ban pesticides within our county. Even with that we are faced with opposition, from the corporations, the state and local government itself, tying to block us from even being able to put something before the people on a ballot. It’s unbelievable, beyond challenging, yet we are determined. We have to be, our planet is being murdered, and all life with it, including ours. If you’re interested our website is
    Thank you for what you do. We have to continue to inform and educate, for the lies are everywhere.

    • Thank your for your comments. It is unfortunate that so few people realize that western democracy is a sham and that the corporate elite really rule the world. There is a really good TED talk that explains this. There is a remarkably small group at the top. We can reclaim democracy one small community at a time and enact local laws that protect people and the planet. Now that we know that the mainstream media is just a propaganda tool of the corpratocracy, we can subscribe to alternative media on the internet and spread the truth via social media. It is really important to do this NOW because they are already trying to seize control of the internet using the TPP. They have the advantage of power and money, but the truth cannot be kept hidden anymore. Knowledge is power and they used to be able to control it easily, but the organizations they control are full of conscientious individuals like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning who will choose to do what is right, even if it means going to jail. Know that you are not alone in your struggle and that there are many ways to fight this injustice. We can take to the streets on November 16 (see winter of discontent post) and make some noise. I really believe that we are approaching a tipping point, where the one percent will realize they are on the wrong side of history and step out of the way of those of us who want to save the biosphere. Thank you for your efforts – keep up the pressure and spread the word every way you can.

  2. The strength of any democracy is with the citizen, it is only when the citizen is either denied their rightful place within the system or in other ways relegated to irrelevance by the system does the system itself fail. Our democracies are failing because citizen’s have been relegated to irrelevance within the system, purchased and placated by promises of this that or the other to stand aside and let others govern us on our behalf. And what a mighty fine job they’ve done of that…

  3. Yes, they have done a fine job of dismantling western democracy, but we can look at how they did it, learn from it, and use the power of social media to begin fix or replace what has been broken. One hard fact we need to wrap our heads around is that negative emotions – fear and anger – motivate people to action more than positive emotions. We need to find a a way to use social media (I love memes) to point out the abuses and inequalities in ways that wake people up and motivate them to take action, while at the same time communicating to them which actions will get the best results. Getting out to march in the streets is a great way to build solidarity and awareness and positive reinforcement, but organizing boycotts against abusive corporations should be an obvious next step.

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